in #giveaway4 years ago

Les rules : full tune & vid on flixxo ... later ...

as always, the script auto-selects using anu quantum random number server api, if there's less than five eligible it will ofcourse not carry over a vote to the next day as votes per day are limited, @ubasti will always power up 100%, the intention is not to have massive 5 votes over time, but a minimum dust payout at most per vote, which means over time there will be more votes per day to hand out. This is not promoted, it grows as it grows

The winners for :

decided by anu quantum number server

i keep the playlist of the intro-promo-vid evolution here

as youble wants me to register for some kind of bla program so they can decide which website is acceptable or not i'll just link discord here.

*don't feed the trolls


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