GLBrain Platform and Way of Problem Tackling

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GLB can use the coin to purchase professional services. It offered on the GLBrain platform at a discount. Subscription for a professional profile on these products allows the users to use GLBrain's eCommerce functions. Advertising packages and e-commerce functions allow users to promote their products with banners on GLBrain and all other social media. GLB coins are rewarded to the content creators on the GLBrain platform for the amount of traffic. On their blog posts, photos, and other content, they are able to generate on their blog posts, photos, and other content. GLBrain network is also required to pay with GLB. Large institutions and corporate customers wish to manage their communities. It creates a customized chain on the GLBrain network. The dynamic coin economy and eco-system will be established by us that are centered on GLBrain's core functions and services. It drives up the demand for GLB coin because the users of the GLB base grow in size.


Background and Problem Tackling
GLBrain is a community related to the management interface, internet platform, and online market place. It makes use of a unique chain-coded relational database. It offers users all other functions of an online community management system, a social network, and online market place. It provides total data privacy and data ownership. We ensure total transparency and trust with GLB users.

Major problems existing with the social network landscape can be solved by GLBrain networks such as lack of privacy, the user of control, lack of transparency of corporate usage, and exploitation of user data. Owners on the blockchain create total transparency and trust to store any data chosen by its owners. All the essential tools, communications channels, presentation features, and online market place, users can manage private and business online persona and community in one place. It can integrate and manage all existing communication routes. It includes different features such as auto-translation from and more than 1000 languages.


Established social networks and online market places claim to be built around the user. It has become clearer. In transparent purposes, primary interest has become the exploitation of user data. Targeted ads and content suggestions mutate beyond their original functions. It helps the users to shape their preferences and online behavior actively. By lack of transparency surrounding social networks' management of data, privacy is made worse due to this. Insufficient monitoring of third-party processing of user information and mass surveillance programs in which public interest has been damaged in established platforms. It indicates the visible divergence between the interest of the users and the interests of internet companies. It has caused a public backlash against the latter and widespread user frustration.

The data of its users to create a profile and contents that are visible to others. It is a well-established social network and an online market platform. The data is running through the social media companies. They have their own algorithm systems. They produce results and suggestions. It is based on the orientation of the algorithm itself. It is no longer to the user, and data belong to the network. Transparent privacy policies and internet and community guidelines are dealt with by users.

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