Earf true movement around da sun.

in #globalwarming4 years ago (edited)

Bruh, it’s getting strangely warm outside. Like, usually dis time of year it be cold by now. Like it be warm in November a lil bit but by Christmas and new year it be cold by then. Dat shit got me thinking maybe the earth getting hot forreal. Like I was watch dis documentary last night about how Australia havin the most wildfires they ever seen. Like the map of Australia da whole thing is on fire. It’s like how Europe wuz dis past summa in da northern hemisphere da same thing happenin in da Southern Hemisphere now. I think next summer gonna be hotter than last summer until the whole planet suffocate. I don’t think it’s humans fault doe. Like I think da world warming up but I don’t think we doin it. I think the earth is on a slightly oblate orbit around the sun and we just get too close to it er couple thousand years. I mean dis theory would explain the ice age too. Like dat Steven Spielberg movie. What was da name of it? About the robots in the future. And it’s ice erwhere. Idk. But yea dats what I think da truth is. I think people just be tryna make shit more complicated den it really be. Feel me?jpgtvbti7t.jpg


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