Results of my Hive Goals 2023

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Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?

I wish you all a very happy new year and hope you had a great start! And that great things will happen to you this year! 🖤💛❤️💜🎉

I´ve been a bit quite the last month but I needed it. I was on vacation and tried to stay away from the computer as much as possible. And it really felt good. Sometimes I just need a digital detox.

I was on vacation in the snow on the top of a mountain and just sitting at the fireplace reading a book. This felt really good and gave me new power for this upcoming year. 😊

Lots of things already appeared which give me a hint that this could be a great year. But I will tell you more about all this in the next post. 😃

Here are some impressions from my vacation in Austria. It was great food, great beer, great landscape and me and my dog had sooo much fun!!


In this post I want to have a look at my goals I had for the year 2023.

I made a post about this last year in march. So let´s have a look at this and compare the goals with what I finally reached. 😊


💪 1. Bring my Hive Power to 2000 ✅

I had 1192 HP when I set myself this goal.

Result: Today when writing this post, I have 4011 HP!! 🎉

This is more than double the amount I wanted to and I am very happy about this.
I got a very generous delegation from @balte because he wants to support my project and I am very thankful for this!! This really sped up my account building. So thank you! 🖤😊 Also thank you to everyone who follows my posts and voted for them!!!

💲 2. Bring my HBD Savings to 666 HBD ✅

I had 482 HBD in savings when setting this goal.

Result: Today I have 713 HBD in savings.

Also great to achieve this goal! I earn a good amount of interest each months and the savings grow. I will keep them on there and save it for a big project I work on. When I will need money for this, I know I have it and can use my savings. 😍

👁‍🗨 3. Gain 1000 Follower on Hive ✅

I had 920 followers when setting this goal.

Result: Today I have 1106 followers!!

This is awesome! it´s feeling great that more than thousand people on Hive are interested in what I do. That is the biggest gift and gives me the feeling I am on the right track with the stuff I do. So thank you! 😊💜

💬 4. Gain 250 Members in my Discord Server

I had 171 members when setting this goal.

Result: Right now it has 259 members!

Woohoo!! That is great and I am very happy that so many people use my server to get in touch and keep it active! Thanks guys! 😊

🐥 5. Gain 3000 Follower on Twitter

I had 2443 followers when setting this goal.

Result: Today I have 2521 followers.

I was sure not to be able to reach this goal. Because Twitter doesn´t seem to be worth it anymore today. But I still use it to mostly promote my music and Hive stuff.
At least I got over this magical barrier of 2500. So it is a little bit of success. 😊

Well, I think in sum 2023 was a great year for my Hive goals and to further grow my account. I am very happy with the development and Hive becomes something serious and something I can see really earning my living in a few years if I continue to grow.

For this year, I didn´t set myself goals yet. Because I am not sure if I want to. I have alot of opportunities this year that connect music and games, and I really want to focus on them. I want to use less time for Hive posting and more for these opportunities, because I feel, I can´t do everything. Time is too limited.
So my goal is to post once a week, to keep Hive going and to keep everyone updated, but use the rest of my time for the projects. I am sure, natural growth of the Hive account will come with these projects. So I am just happy with whatever growth I got, I don´t need to set myself goals for this this year. 😊
I will tell you more about these opportunities and the projects I work on in the next post, so you better understand. 😃

Well guys, thanks for supporting all the way for these years now!! I appreciate it alot and you help me get closer to my goals! Thank you so much for this! 🖤💜

I hope you have a great day and rest of the week!


Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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keep on moving, thank you for your content. Best regrads.

Your photos from Austria are beautiful. I composed a simple song musically and tried Audius again, but it still seems to me that the application does not work like listen to earn

Yes it was very beautiful!!
Audius doesn´t earn while listening. Only the 10 or 20 top songs of the week earn. Same with the playlists. Apart from this, no one earns with their music. That´s why I am thinking about deleting my songs from there. It´s just another scam to rip musicians off.

A very harsh comment about AUDiUS, but currently it's the truth. Currently it doesn't seem to me that there are any valid blockchain music sharing platforms for us musicians, perhaps we still have to wait a little longer. WHat do you think about this?

Congratulations on your achievements and I hope you have an even brighter 2024.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Way to go girl!!!

Congratulations!! you did it and I am super proud of you😊

Happy New Year, Raven! 💖

Love the goals! Congratulations on achieving. 😊 Same as you, I am planning on saving more HBD this year.

Cheers! 🥂 !PIZZA


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Well done, you almost hit all your targets!

713 HBD in hive savings, 1106 followers, 259 discord members, 4011 hive power. These all are successful and dreamy digits for me.
Our very own Humble 👑 Queen 💓.

Great work to our Raven Queen! 👍😆 May this new year bring even better days for us all. !PIZZA

I also wish to have as much as 1000 followers on Hive someday and I’m sure it will happen
Congratulations on achieving your goals

Those stairs look steep, are they leading you up that hill? It's worth it to enjoy the scenery but when I get down from there I'm going straight for a beer, they say that Austria brews the best beers in the world.

Way to go. So glad to see all the amazing results you've achieved.

That looks like a nice place to chill out. Well done on meeting most of your goals. I hope that 2024 is great for you. I would love to see the music side of it grow a lot more. I seems a natural place for artists to be.


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Hi @ravenmus1c! Happy 2024!

I´ve been a bit quite my self lately but it's good to see the progress you've made last year. Congratulations!


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Happy 2024 and congrats for reaching all your 2023 Hive goals!
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