He Planned 🏖️ for the Sand - Why does God Allow...?

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The Intro

There was always a plan. From the beginning he said, "And your children will be like the sand on the seashore." Jesus (Yeshua) later spoke in parables, stating, "The kingdom of God is like.." but I was recently given a view of what the world is like. I would like to share that with you today.

I have often heard people question why God does things or does not do things.

Why does God allow...?

I am hoping a little parable will help you to understand. We are like little children! There are many things we don't know, yet we think we are wise because we have so much experience in this world. But God says this world is but a breath, like a blip in time compared to all we have in our future. That gives me great hope especially for the afterlife. We have to view things from his perspective then all the pain and sorrow of this world will be in perspective.

Well asking some of those questions myself, I was given an answer in a moment, but it will take me sometime to explain it here.

The Parameters

Let's picture a playground or a beach with that familiar sand as it's foundation, which is why I chose the title I did. If you're looking at a beach it would have swing sets, slides, a merry-go-round and lots of toys for playing in the sand. Your playground would be the same but without the seashore.

In this scene, we have two fathers who are watching over their children, neither one can force a child to follow their directives because the rule of this park is, "Free will."

One of the fathers has sixty six employees to help protect his children and the other has thirty three under his command. The children, and there are many, are playing throughout the place and they are free to change families by going along with the rules of the other father if they do not like the rules that they are supposed to follow. I suppose they would need a nod from their new father in order to do that (not the point though).

I am sure you can see where this is going The Father is one and he has two thirds of the angels vs. the adversary (ha satan) and his third.

The children are oblivious to the adult world and its worries and pressures. They do not have to purchase groceries, cook, clean, etc. but they also do not know anything about the freedoms and pleasures of going places outside the boundaries of the beach (playground). All they have ever known is the playground. (don't ask me where they live/sleep - its a parable)

In the early days, there were only two children and they had one rule to obey. They ignored that rule and essentially gave the original playground to the adversary. It had been a gift from their father whom they loved, but they made the mistake of taking the word of the adversary and they sealed the deal. It took many centuries but The Father sent his son into the playground to teach the kids about the place where he is from and how to operate in the playground before they go to the kingdom (outside the playground).

He also came in order to undo that which happened long before. The mistake that the first two kids made had to be reversed. Their disobedience was undone by The Son who obeyed all the rules and more. That angered the other children that live here and they thought they could defeat him by defaming him, accusing him of lying when he said he was The Son, and by beating him and torturing him until he could no longer remain in the playground.

The good news is that he now owns the playground. Besides that, he also secured a place outside the playground for all who know him. Before he came, everyone was doomed at the end of their stay in the playground. Now, they have a home and a worry free life at The Father's house when their time is up in the playground.

Back to the Rules

I am not sure what the adversary's kids need to follow. It has to do with giving their life to their dad. Then they would expect to be influenced by the adversaries workers. Dedication to him is required and the reward is the coolest toys in the playground, but the promise of that is broken constantly, so they cannot count on it.

The Father's rules are clear and well published. There are ten of them as a guide along with one that covers all of the ten. "Be Nice" and "Treat others how you would want to be treated." There are many other rules that are written for the kids to abide by, and the reason for them is simple. It is the instruction manual for a successful and healthy time in the playground. If you break the rules, it usually causes sickness, tears, injuries, and even an early end to your time at the park. The Son, when he was in the playground, saw many who were suffering because they had broken the rules and they were unable to have fun and play, some even had had to leave the playground. The Son fixed their injuries when they asked and even brought some back into the playground who had left. More times than not, he warned them to follow the instructions of the Father so that it doesn't happen again.

Many of the rules, even one of the Big Ten, come with a promise that "your days would be many" in the playground...

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which YHVH your God is giving you.

...that insinuates that there is a link between short time playing in the sand if the rules are not followed. Many of the other rules also promise benefits for following them, as if seeing a smile on The Father's face is not enough.

Life in the Sand

His Kids

All of the children were his when they were brought to the beach/playground.

Be it a playground or a beach, life in the place is fun for all children and they can do what they want to do. Some choose to use the slides and swings in an approved way, according to The Father's rules and others stand on the swing or roll down the slide. Ignoring the rules or pushing the boundaries can cause pain. Cuts and bruises happen, sometimes bones are broken. Some even eat sand which causes discomfort. When you experience sufficient injuries, you can't play any longer.

Many follow the rules, yet they are injured or sickened. There are bullies in the sand too, you know. Is it possible that a bully can push another child off monkey bars? Will injuries be sustained? Sure.

The father has many workers (angels) that try to soften the blow, sometimes they even change the items on the ground, pull things out of the way so the child does not land on something sharp. Kids then complain to The Father saying he allowed the (lesser) injury. The workers also sometimes change help two kids to find each other, one who can help the other who needs help. All of that is at the orders of The Father or The Son.

Not His Kids

These have either been taught to ignore The Father or have believed a lie told by another who follows the adversary. Some others have never heard about The Father and they, therefore, have never seen the rules. The adversary instructs his workers to push the lies and provide information on how to do the opposite of the rules (even to those who have never read them).

Those workers also manipulate circumstances in the playground so that more of The Father's kids are lied to and even injured. They whisper into the souls of the adversaries kids telling them to throw sand in the face of that boy or girl. When one of those kids listens and does injure another child, that act increases the reach of those bad workers. Eventually, those bad kids or bullies seek to hear those whispers which get louder and louder with every compliance.

Sometimes, the children of those 33 workers are even invited into the souls of those who listen to the promptings of those who are on the side of the adversary. That is a topic for another post if I even have insights on that subject.


The Father's workers do not have children. The kids talk directly to The Father once they acknowledge His Son.


Remember. As a child in this scenario, you are oblivious to anything outside this sandy area or fenced in playground. You have no clue what it is like to drive, fly, own a plane, golf, knit, marry, have children, go to a concert, learn a skill, buy a house or live in a mansion. I present it this way because we see the larger world and all the possibilities for us in it. The kids only know sand, toys, bullies, injuries, and the fun or pain that can be had in the confined space. There is so much more when you leave the playground (world) and many have left. They are in paradise (which is not a small word) if they knew The Son of our parable. Even "all you could ask or imagine."

Others will only know evil and its consequences - and they (will) choose that!

The above is just an outline of what I received from above. It took all of twenty seconds to get this impression (complex parable), and again, I was asking a question at the time and The Father answered as only He can.

I saw many other things in the scenario, including; sun, wind, drowning, sharks, insects, animal bites, collapsing or dilapidated play equipment. Every one of them causing misery or injury to all kids no matter who their father is. It made sense to me even as a dream (one where you are flying) might make sense when you are dreaming it.

I hope I represented it in a simple and understandable way. Questions?

Final Notes

I have heard people say, "He was so young but God took him."

I do not thing that God just takes people. There are only a few examples of that in His writings for example: Enoch (Hanok) or Elijah (Eliahu). When God "takes someone" it is usually in a very conspicuous way and people notice.

He also causes the sun to shine (rain to fall upon) both the righteous and the wicked. It is time to stop blaming God for things that happen, or even allowing them to happen.

I hope I represented this in a simple and understandable way. Questions?

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