[TEAM OCD] Steem Weekend Tournament - Win Steem + Rare Genesis Chest!

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Hey everyone! The Gods Unchained Weekend tournament started recently and in this post you'll be able to sign up for our side tournament to win Steem and a Rare Genesis Chest!

For this weekend tournament we have 300 Steem to be distributed between players depending on the amount of wins. All you have to do is sign up with your Gods Unchained username in a comment of this post and we'll use https://unchainedstats.com/ to track your win count.

On top of that we're drawing a Rare Genesis Chest to one lucky winner this weekend who has at least 10 wins, pray to the RNG gods to be on your side. ;)

As a new player who wants to participate all they gotta do is join our Discord server, go to #steem-accounts and request for an account. You will receive a Steem account during the weekend (you will still be eligible for rewards by signing up here with a commetn after you get your Steem account) and then you'll be able to chat in #general-gu and #gu-posts where you can promote your GU content for curation.

This is also an open invitation to any other teams who would like to grow their community on Steem and use a censorship free blockchain platform to discuss things around the game. We currently offer them free Steem accounts and curation of their GU content (the latter is not forever but as long as we can cover them with our influence).

Good luck to everyone in the tournament and getting those legendary core cards!

This post's rewards will go to @teamocd to help fund future tournaments and giveaways to our growing GU community.

We recently had some changes in how we will be funding these tournaments and try to get them out on a weekly basis instead of less often as in the past, read more about that here and how you as a content creator can help fund them

Thanks for being awesome! We're looking forward to 1v1 tournaments and adding a ton more activities to our team and of course funding the best players with tournament passes for the big tourney with a prize pool of half a million $ that the Gods Unchained team will host this year!


I would like to take part, as DanishDynamite.

My Godsunchained name is Cryptolemon2

No news ?

You can count me in as hERoIC15397.

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LOL I find you a lot in the game, I didn't know you were here too! You always win but I never win anyway hahahahaha.

[OCD] nelyp (:

[OCD]Kaeserotor back for some fun this WE

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Im game!

karinxxl is the username!

Count me in! Telos.

My username is destroyedarkana


Hello, my in game name is RoTak

Awesome! GU: PedroMonteiro

[OCD] Northmountain

Count me in!
in game id: Chris P. Socks


the38th nerf deception

cool i would like to win the chest. my current Gods Unknown character name is "thegreatnetdecker"