[TeamOCD] Gods Unchained Steem Weekend Tournament - 2x STEEM Ref Rewards!

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Hey everyone! Time for the 5th OCD Gods Unchained Steem Tournament and this one's gonna be a big one!

With the Gods Unchained team hinting towards fusing being implemented soon and at the same time core cards being made available to enter the market we are expecting a lot of people to be playing this weekend for some Core chests from the GU team and also some STEEM from our team and Rare Genesis chests!

We purchased a few more chests last week and they are already up over 15% on the markets in ETH. Not just that, this weekend we will also be enabling double the referral rewards in STEEM than we usually do. Read further for more info!

Play to earn Steem!

Each win during the usual weekend tournament will get you 0.2 STEEM!

All you have to do is enter your GU username in a comment on this post and we will go through a third party site to check your win amount after the weekend is over!

Play to earn Rare Genesis Chests!

This weekend we will be drawing 3x Rare Genesis chests at random for anyone who has over 10 wins during the weekend tournament! Destroyer has been destroying the past tournaments and will probably do really well once 1v1 is enabled and we'll start running some tournaments between OCD team members so we figured we'd randomize these prizes for a bit so others have a chance to win some genesis cards!

Steem referral rewards

In addition to the rare chest for the best referrer, for each GU player you get onto our discord and they get themselves a Steem account through our channel, you will earn 0.2 STEEM extra for each of their wins during the weekend tournament!Yes, this means that both the new player and you who got him in will receive 0.2 STEEM for each of his wins - this weekend only!

So all they gotta do is join our Discord server go to #steem-accounts and request for an account and mention which Steem user got them to join. They will receive a Steem account during the weekend (will be eligible for rewards by signing up there as well for the tournament) and then they can chat in #general-gu and #gu-posts where they can promote their content for curation they post on Steem about GU.

This is also an open invitation to any other teams who would like to grow their community on Steem and use a censorship free blockchain platform to discuss things around the game. We currently offer them free Steem accounts and curation of their GU content (the latter is not forever but as long as we can cover them with our influence).

Good luck to everyone in the tournament and getting those legendary core cards while grinding. ;)

This post's rewards will go to @teamocd to help fund future tournaments and giveaways to our growing GU community.

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My GU name is "[steem] culgin"

@tipu curate

WOOOT! Snook is my name :D

Why is the only competitor to splinterlands constantly promoted by you @ocd. Didn't say anything the first three times but this time I am downvoting.

You upvote yourself to the top of trending and get people to use the Ethereum blockchain, this is mental. I don't have any problem with any blockchains, but this is becoming more than paid promotion.

I don't see them as competitors cause the gameplay is completely different nor do you really need to use ETH to play GU. We're bringing in new users to use Steem and at the same time they may be introduced to SM as well. We're also planning on creating teamocd for SM but as of now there's not much interest between the current players, we've been in talks with yabapmatt about some cross promotion when the time comes. The important thing here is to bring gamers to Steem and see what they are missing out on for both a censorship free platform and being able to be rewarded for the content you produce in what is for many their first crypto.

These posts require a big vote to help fund the tournaments and incentivize people to bring in more players to Steem, some times we vote them late as to not take up trending and sometimes we vote them early so more players find them. In this case we got over 15 new comments since we voted it up, although I have to admit some were spammers that I downvoted just now. As you can see the beneficiaries all go to @teamocd and others are also placing some beneficiaries to it from their posts helping crowdfund future giveaways and steem rewards.

Thanks for your answer, removing my downvote.

Sounds good.

GU name is verbalshadow

Username: GreenGuy
I've got plenty of time this weekend, so I'm going all out!

GU: elderberries 🤗

My username is DestroyedArkana. Thanks for doing these!

[OCD] Kaeserotor

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Might as well embarras myself some more, for entertainment if nothing else!:-) Northmountain

Also I'll be participating this week also as I need the motivation to get back into streaming. GU username: acidyo.

@ocd, Good to see that you are spreading your Wings and inspiring Steemians to explore new opportunities and in a way boosting their Steem Journey too.

Keep doing the good work and stay blessed team.

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lucky1xo in GU!

My gu name is destroyer yeey new tourny !

Name: Peterparker


GU name: MIST

GU username: PedroMonteiro
Lets play 💪

I'm nelyp everywhere :)


There you go buddy. :-)

I am derangedvisions

I will probably get like 3 wins, lol

Thanks you...apologize if you are disturbed by my post .. I wish you more success

Same here as I am there :)

My GU name is kinakomochi

GU name is rumblestiltskin

My GU name is DKSArt.com or DKSArtwork


Name is bonkthatbutt ty!


GU name is Rumblestiltskin

GU Username: Futuremind
Thank you for hosting.

I’m ready 👽

bbqhax51 :)

My GU name is @occupation :D

My GU username is the same as steem: "fasolo97"
Good luck to y'all!

Congratulations @ocd!
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OEEEEE I want to be in on the chests! Had some wins there yesterday,

karinxxl is the username! Lets roll!

My GU name is

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I‘m new to this exciting world- everything’s a bit confusing, but chance to win sounds good :-P

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