Coin blog (CLOG #4): new gold arrived

in #gold6 years ago (edited)


I just got a new shipment of gold in and i wanted to show you all one of the new additions to my stack.

This is a gold, one ounce, Austrian phil harmonic coin. As you can see it has a face value of 100 Euros, but a junk value around 1,300$.

It's very pretty and has excellent detail.
Though i really like it; i did shy away from this coin since i found a lot cooler looking coins from other mints out there that i wanted to get first.
I did pick this one up because it was on sale and i just could not resist how close to spot it was lol.
Unfortunately it doesnt fit the same hard plastic casings that an America eagle or Britannia fit.... so im going to have to leave this in its plastic flip till i get something better.IMG_6660.JPG

Let me know if any of you have this coin in your stack and if you like it...

Please comment and upvote :D

All pictures are 100% mine and were taken by me on my phone


Preserve your hard earned wealth.

Thats the goal :)
That and after i held gold for the first time... i was hooked lol

Nice coin! Now following

I don't have it but i like this coin 😄

Now that i have it, i like it too lol ;)

Gorgeous coin! Followed and upvoted :P You're making me seriously regret selling the last of my gold recently...

Still try to add ~5oz of silver a month, though. There have been some really attractive semi-numismatic plays this year! If you're in the market for more gold, it looks like the 2017 American Gold Eagle series will be a "key date" in the future, as the mintages are the lowest they've been in almost 30 years.

I have a couple 2017 AGE's... i did not know they were going to be low mintage though; thats great to know! Thanks!

Nice! If any of them are in exceptional condition, you might want to consider getting them graded - MS70 2017 Gold Eagles will someday fetch a huge premium over spot ;) The 1/4 and 1/2 oz AGEs look to be the lowest mintages thus far.

very nice piece ive got a silver philly as my pocket piece they are nice coins for sure, followed :)

Lol.... my pocket piece is a 2017 silver eagle

It fell on the floor while i was unpacking it... so it kinda self selected itself ;P

Forget making it rain, you could make it hail with some of those and no one would complain. :)


I like any gold coin. Especially ones close to spot! I have the silver version of the Phil, but not the gold.

Yeah i have the silver one too!.... i bought a whole bunch of silver a few monthes back when it was super cheap... im pretty topped off on silver... so its gold stacken for me now :)

Good nuce zoom all photo uplode thank you myvotes

This is a very nice looking coin. I'm thinking of getting some silver coins.

Yeah i loaded up on silver earlier this year.... i have been lacking in gold, so im stacking gold now

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Nice Philly! I have it only in silver. But as elvis sez: I like any gold coin!

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