The golden asteroid that could make everyone on Earth a billionaire

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Whether it was the Big Bang, Midas or God himself, we don’t really need to unlock the mystery of the origins of gold when we’ve already identified an asteroid worth $700 quintillion in precious heavy metals.
If anything launches this metals mining space race, it will be this asteroid--Psyche 16, taking up residence between Mars and Jupiter and carrying around enough heavy metals to net every single person on the planet close to a trillion dollars.

The massive quantities of gold, iron and nickel contained in this asteroid are mind-blowing. The discovery has been made. Now, it’s a question of proving it up.

#NASA plans to do just that, beginning in 2022.

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Great post! I guess btc is even more valuable than physical gold can ever be then..

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The real question is.. If that asteroid was bought to earth wouldn't gold be so plentiful as to make it worthless, or at least just a other metal like iron?

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It would be nice to pick it up

Now everyone is planning to mine that asteriod and if mines the precious metals gold will not be as precious as it was. Gold inflation will too high.

They call it "supply and demand" if I'm not mistaken. When everyone can have a tone of gold, a pack of cigarettes will cost 3lbs gold.

I don’t believe it will ever happen or is even possible.

Rockets propulsion cannot work in a vacuum, space travel has always been fake since we started going to the moon, it’s the reason why we stopped going, not a lack of technology. Technology does not go backwards without reason. There is never been any real of evidence of space travel. Only sci fi artwork (like above) published by a spooky deep state organization (nasa).

Gold is scarce