New Achievement System in Golem Overlord: 14 Ranks of Adventure!

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Hello Golemancers,

We're thrilled to bring you a comprehensive update on our newly implemented Achievement System - a journey through 14 ranks, each a testament to your skill and dedication in Golem Overlord.





Achievement Categories:

1. Echoes of Triumph

  • Your battlefield prowess and guild leadership are chronicled here. Rise in guild ranks, excel in battles, and make your presence felt on polls and leaderboards.




2. Rise of the Overlord

  • Follow your progression from a novice to a true Overlord. This tracks your growing power, wealth accumulation, and skill refinement.



3. Chronicles of the Wanderer

  • Each quest, daily and weekly challenge, and exploration contributes to this narrative. Your adventures are the ink in the annals of Golem Overlord.




4. Reliquary of the Realm

  • For the collectors and completists, catalog your unique item and relic discoveries, showcasing your journey to becoming a legend.




5. Feats of Strength

  • A tribute to discontinued achievements and unique challenges that highlight your enduring legacy.


Current Achievements:

  • At present, we boast 37 achievements (plus 11 titles), with 40-50 more in the pipeline. We couldn't wait to roll this out, and we're excited for you to dive in and start achieving!

  • Soon, collection achievements will also receive a dedicated overview, making tracking and completion more rewarding.

After Achievemens: Relic Radar

  • Next on our list is the Relic Radar - stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling addition to Golem Overlord.

Embark on this new journey of achievements, collect titles, and carve your path to legendary status. Let the adventures begin!


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Interesting and comprehensive addition, congrats on a work done.

Two questions if I may?

  1. is there any immediate benefit in "collecting" these achievements?
  2. when I first logged in after the upgrade there was an animation of sorts above this "menu" but it's no longer visible?

@tiou curate

  1. right now only the icons on the leaderboard, the titles + stat collecting
  2. The overview is on the left side above the action log

Thanks for your reply. This morning I found out what the "animation" was. It's a notification of a new achievement reached :)

When you released the feature they were appearing like mad because of the "old" achievements. And then they stopped. And, from now on, they will trickle occasionally when I reach another milestone.

Have a great day.


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Great, thank you. Next thing, buy a workbench !LOLZ

You are out of jokes for the day!

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other games on hive should take notes tbh :-)

Awesome! First the quests now the achievements! It's like you read my mind!

Hahah I'm joking, ofc, I know this was all in the roadmap. Great job keeping true to your goals! ❤️

!gif awesome


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