Just sent you an SBI to your new account to wet its head, so to speak. ;) Wishing you good fortune with your new path! <3


Right? Definitely a good thing.

Like the Borg you are assimilated into the Steem Blockchain, you might think you have left but that is just an altered state of mind. !COFFEEA 15

Congratulations @creativesoul!
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Hey @creativesoul, I had to do the same thing on here as well. The personal journey was more important than sowing into the bucket of holes. Dark matter stuff.

I hear that you might want to try a good salt bath to scrub that stuff off your shield. It will help under these energy clips from the "eclipse season" while Pluto is racking up points Algol style...

Be well and thanks for what you shared.


No worries about why, but I do appreciate what you said. I just hope you get some feeling better and take that time for your bath. I'm planning to do one for myself too, but after I hit the sauna first.

Be well and look forward to connecting again.

Hello @creativesoul

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