Do you still GPU mine?

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Everybody says GPU mining is dead, especially with the planned switch to POS on ETH. I've found some cheap RX5700 cards in the market, and invested into a mining rig. (8x RX5700).

Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 11.22.38.png

Current hashrate without any optimization. It should be around 400 MH/s, normally.

With the current variables, GPU mining is pretty profitable. But I'm sure that won't last long. Do you have a GPU mining setup? How long do you mine? What are your plans for the future?


Stopped mining on my RX560 4GB long time ago after Monero's RandomX fork. Then continued to mine on my Ryzen 7 1700, which eventually became unprofitable over the last few months so I stopped altogether.

Now I'm thinking on converting it into running full node (that is on my subpar fibre connection) once my 30 EUR bare metal server offer ends on November.

Yes, although this VPN service was in hopes of increasing revenue. Its not as profitable as Canadian energy costs would allow to mine 24/7.

How much did the rig cost, what is your electricity cost, how much does it yield on avg? There are so many factors. I remember a friend who built a rig for about 5K USD, mined a shitcoin, somehow that shitcoin was worth $60, he made a killing from that. Instant ROI in about a month.

2800 TRY per card (amazon deal) + 2.5k TRY for the rig

I have and i mine since feb.2013. I am a "only" GPU-Miner

Right now it is actually profitable especially if you already have gear but it always comes down to electricity costs which vary dramatically, typically 8-20+ cents per kWh.

Yeah, electricity is an important variable and it is not cheap at NL, it’s 23-25 cent per kWH. Thats why I host the rig at TR, its’s around 10 cents there.

What is TR? 10 cents is really good, last I checked we are 15.