Week-10 Questions: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Society

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  1. All media and Hollywood films seem to have a morbid idea about A.I. and technology eventually turning on mankind. Do you believe this is a highly likely or probable outcome or do you think they are projecting their fear of becoming obsolete because advancements in technology could take their jobs?
  2. As an engineer I am highly interested in seeing the advancements of technology for the betterment of human knowledge and advancements. What technological advancement, whether vehicular, medical, entertainment, weaponry, etc., do you think will have the largest impact on human ability in the next 20 years?
  3. Movies and shows about the future have continually shown the possibility of having flying cars. Do you believe this is going to be possible in the next 50 to 100 years? If it is possible would it be a safe idea to commercialize and publicizes the skies to the general public when car crashes are already one of the highest causes of death in modernized countries?
  4. Movies such as IronMan have shown the possibility of having A.I. assistance with the capability of communication and own thoughts, do you think we will be able to achieve such A.I. intellect that it becomes a general household item?