Hands of Gratitude

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I had a wonderful opportunity to build a prosthetic hand! It was very different than I imagined, but it was one of the most fulfilling things that I have ever done.

The hands are 3d printed by volunteer printers around the world. The pieces are then sent to the organization who take them and have volunteers put them together.

A little boy that had one done came into our class and showed us how he used his hand. He said the kids in his class thought the hand was so cool.

The hands that we made are all going to India. If you are interested in how you can help- check them out! https://www.hands-of-gratitude.com/

All in, it took about two hours to put the hands together. The hardest part was putting the strings in so the hand could have life like movement. One thing that was kind of interesting, our hands naturally have the thumb pointed more in line with our fingers. The hands that we made had them more at an angle. This made it a bit easier for the hands to grab things and manipulate the environment.

Awesome opportunity- thank you so much!





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