My Closing speech

in #gratitude2 years ago

Seeing as today is an unofficial world speech day when everybody prepares a special speech i figured i would awake from my long steemit hibernation and write mine too.


The year 2018 has been the wildest year of my entire life. It has also been the most challenging. I had so many first times and so many adventures but i also had alot of setbacks and challenges. It has been a bitter sweet year for me.

That aside post is to extend my gratitude to the few people who made my year an amazing year.
Some i worked with, some helped me, so are friends

@thelovejunkie @mosunomotunde @ogowinner @akintunde @iamthegray @sushie @jeaniepearl @rebeccafl @tojukaka @phait @danielsaori @adoore-eu @oredebby

Theres a bunch of others although not on this platform

Alot of these folks have no idea the impact they had on my 2018 but truly grateful for them. Thank you so much. And i hope to see you all this time next year.

Thank you for an amazing 2018.


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Happy new year dearie

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