Greendeliverence update.


It's some time ago when I posted updates. This picture is a picture of exhausted Beanplants they will be cleaned and composted to be able to grow potatoes from that compost.

Due to security will the activities of @Greendeliverence be moved to @greendeliver-one. I will be posting more frequently and it will be done from this account. Also the Dutch translation of the post can be found on @greendelivernl.

Searching for a new logo I'm using this picture the first brown been seedlings. I will expand the system it will be more then doubled.
Also I will begin with the bucket potatoes again and try to sprout rice.
This because I won't have to stand in the line of the stores to get food. Also to see how everything is going to develop and for everyone how money is on the street..

I'm expecting the price of food to be much higher then now. If everyone had a aquaponics system of their own they wouldn't need to stand in a line to get food.