Where are those updates?


Where are those updates? Well everything went from 0 to 1000% with no time left. Where are those updates? Tomorrow there will be updates on some projects. There are do many topics that deserves the attention. First things first greendeliverence still lives.

A lot a lot is happening for anyone to coope. The world around us is changing. Is it for the better? Who knows it will give us the life more meaning. Simply go to the store will be a problem. Getting in touch with someone will be a problem. Walking outside will be a problem... this is a sci-fi movie becoming reality. If everyone developed on my idea there wouldn't be store runs.

I would advise a stock of 3 months with waterreserves you think well why do you want that? 1 you can buy in at sales 2 you don't have to stand in line because you need food you can just time your visit. 3 you never know where this would lead.. the damage done to the food chain this year will be felt for years.

You can grow your own food just in the kitchen with the aquaponics system and it refreshes the air.

About the greenpower like windmill and solar stored in a accupack. This year it should be possible to use the new accu technology that will revolutionise the branch.

A whole lot of stuff going on right?
Let's begin with a topic tomorrow.