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As you all know, we had our first community call, past Tuesday. We met with some of the collectors who showed up, introduced the team, and explained the pace of events till the collection was launched last Saturday. In the end, we presented the features we will be introducing in the collection in the coming days.

The collection Story
Alex and Santi met on February 1st this year, Santi messaged Alex on Instagram and they had some initial talks before they decided to work together on a card collection to release it in WAX.

Santi has been in the crypto space since late 2016, he's participated in several EOS (EosDAC, Vigor) and Ethereum Communities and DAOs (1Hive, Token Engineering Commons), but never gotten deeply involved in the NFT WAX market until now. Alex was completely new to the crypto space.

They started working on the collection content and the mechanics, as they wanted to do custom blends, they approached Marcos, from Radaquest to request his help. Told him about the cards and the banknotes and he kindly offered his help to create the smart contract to do that.

When the release date was approaching Santi contacted again with Marcos to ask about pack production, that's when they learned mint on-demand was not as fair as pre-minting because people had to "fight" to try to get the first packs and get the lowest mints, then after those initial mints are gone, other collectors which join later do not have a chance to get low mints unless they trade in the secondary markets. The option was clear for us, we wanted anyone to have a chance to get low mints and we decided to pre-mint.

Just a few days before launching, we asked Marcos if there was any way to work around the maximum 10 unit mint limit per transaction AtomicHub has, he explained to us that was a blockchain architecture restriction due to the time transactions have to take place. You can imagine our faces when we learned the only way to pre-mint all the collection cards was by hand, and with the number of cards we had in mind, that was just unfeasible if we still wanted to release the collection on time.

Still, mint on demand was something we did not feel comfortable with so trying to figure out a solution to work around we decided to keep initial mints before launch and decide later on how to introduce them to the community.

On top of that, Alex, as a collector himself, has always kept some of the products he has created in the past, be it books, comics, digital art, etc. As we kept the first mints, Santi decided to transfer him the whole collection with mint #5. As new in the space, we had no idea this could be a problem for some of the collectors, we found out it was during the Open Pack Day.

I can assure you we had a sweet and bitter sense past weekend, we loved how the community welcomed us when we met in the Telegram group an hour before the packed sale, but the day ended up with some of you guys quite unhappy, we learned we had forgotten to communicate beforehand and spend the following hours thinking on the best way to solve this situation. The final decision was to burn those low mints and solve the issue from the root but the team decided to listen to collectors in the call.

The Community meeting
In the meeting, we explained the story and the final decision to burn the first 20 pre-minted cards, included #5 transferred to Alex. Listening to the collectors who attended they suggested other ways to introduce them to the community where everyone had chances to get them. We had preferred to solve the issue and focus on the future, but we have to admit we also were not too happy burning them, listening to you guys made us change our mind. We finally decided we will use different ways to give you all chances to get them. We just ask you to be a little bit patient as we are still working on many other areas in the project and need some time for that.

Also, the End of Collection cards you will get once we set up our custom blend will offer you a chance to get low mints, those still have to be created, plus, everyone has had time to try to get ready for the blends. We will announce ahead of time the moment we set up the "blend" area in our webpage for you to use it.

The Comming News
As you have seen, we have decided to introduce Limited Edition Event Cards. The team had this in mind from the very first minute we ended with the initial collection cards and we thought the first of these cards had to be The Great Burning as we were positive about using this, as the option to solve the pre-minted card issue. There won't be a great burn, but as we had a discussion about it with you and we almost burned them, the event is there so the card has been released.


New Event series rules details

  • There will be a max limited amount of 500 units of every card. Once we reach that limit or before reaching it, we will lock the template. This amount may be different for every card.
  • There will be noir and color versions
  • Cards will represent Collection Moments
  • The team will introduce different ways for you to get those cards. In this first one, we have decided to use a Double-blind where you need an initial blend to get the noir card and blend again using the noir and other cards to get the color one.
  • Mints up to #20 will be kept by the team to introduce them to the community the way we consider. Some of those cards could be used for any other purpose.
  • You will have to keep an eye on our social media channels to find out how to get these cards, as we will introduce different blends or mechanics for every one of them.

Finally, we have also decided to make things slightly easier with our custom blends and you will not need to exchange the specific character banknotes to blend for the cards of that character. Any banknote will be able to be used for that.

Later today we will publish a new post announcing the way used to offer the initial 20 mints of all collection cards.

Stay tuned!


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