The Grim Folks are not coming soon, they are already here

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We would like to introduce ourselves to you, we are The Grim Folks, a collection of unnatural creatures living in the WAX blockchain. As we are unnatural, we do unnatural things like hiring a bunch of newbies to push us into the WAX blockchain silently. Ok ok, they were the only cheap professionals around so there was no other choice!

After some hard work from Alex, our creator, we were left in the hands of a team who did not value his work too much, you can see they have not even taken the time to change that "Coming Soon" message, so what can we expect from them?

Before we could even realize they packed us into some weird Non Fungible thing and decided to give some of us for free for several weeks. Months of work given away for free!!!


They thought it would be nice to keep the community happy so besides some free cards they even gave away free banknotes!!!


Then they messed up making some templates they had to later lock and repeat, create a website that is missing some action, and forgot about communicating some pretty important things, so we asked them to have a meeting with the community to give some explanations.

They thought it would be nice to keep the community happy and scheduled that meeting to share some of these issues and listen to suggestions. It looks they did and left us with this recording.

We will take control of the situation and publish some posts in the coming days to let you know all our cool ideas as well as some of the past decisions we had to take to solve all the issues this group of humans did with us. In the meanwhile we decided to ask Alex to put some order here and build a Grimder, a special machine we will use to do standard and custom-made recipes for you to get some new cool stuff.


Keep an eye on our Twitter account and join our Telegram Group, you can also find the links at the bottom of our webpage. There is also a FAQ section on the webpage, we created ourselves as we knew the newbies would mess up, so make sure you also read those.

Rules may change as some of the newbies have already left us after a fire that took place last weekend, so new bugs may still appear and we still have to fix some things for you, but rest assured we value your feedback and look forward to bring a lot of new surprises. Alex created this new Limited Edition Event series of cards which we added to the regular Grimder for you, this first card represents some burning event they wanted to do with us, but luckily it seems they will come out with a better solution.


We look forward to seeing you on our Discord server, apparently, there is a Grimaway channel as well as some Atomic place, they intend to drop us.
Stay tuned!


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That's an epic announcement, @folksgrim; will surely join you on Discord. Have a !PIZZA for the great work you've done. :)



@folksgrim! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @juanvegetarian.

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all unnatural creatures are welcome on hive :D welcome!!