Introducing a Wormy Top Guitar Build

in #guitarslast month

Since returning from my trip to Florida I've been very focused on finishing this guitar. It started out as a wormy piece of white teak (as they call it here) that I found in granpa's ol barn.

To complete the look, the pickups needed to match, and it seemed to me that using the same wood from the top was the right way to go.


This build was done with an imaginary player in mind, not a comission build, but nonetheless I think it's much more enjoyable to build something completely out of inspiration.

As always, thanks for checking out my builds.



What an incredibly beautiful instrument! I think I've already waxed prosaic on my love of wormy wood, but I just found a piece of 1x2 with a face marbled with wormholes under a house I was working on, and I can't think of how to use it. It's too small to be useful for anything but trim, and it's nothing spectacular in terms of grain, just some softwood pumped out of a mill. Maybe I'll use it to hang garden art.

I admire your luxury of exotic hardwoods, and the great skill with which you craft them.


garden art sounds like a great idea my friend

It's another great looking guitar. I love the wooden pickup covers. I hope it finds the right player.

thank you my friend

How are things @meno glad to see you here i had some time without exploring hive, i decided to pass into my feed and i'm happy to see some active familiar users, how have been?

Glad to know you still around too... I never left altogether, just got quiet for a while... these days I'm building guitars full-time and aiming for happiness.

same for me, i got into the Ethereum Rabbit Hole and i was just So busy to report, but i feel like blogging and reading, specially if i connect with other natives of tech that has no pressure on walking the walk, saludos!

Wow you made this guitar... This is beautiful. This is the type of skill I would love to learn. I would really love to know how to make a guitar of my own.

If this guitar is to be put up for sale, how much would it cost. She sounds beautiful to me.

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for the american market I'm quite inexpensive... I would let this one go for 1200 or so... There's no custom made instruments in that price range in the US as far as I know. Since I'm living down here, I can have that price point.