Troops to Protect Against Protests in Washington DC

in #guns2 years ago

There is a nasty rumor that these measures are there to protect the Capitol building. In reality, this might be the second biggest overreaction to a lie in the history of the planet.


There is a scheduled virtual inaugurations on Wednesday and no Trump supporters are expected to be there. Yet, the same people who want to ban guns and ridicule walls have walled themselves inside the Capitol with more than thirty thousand fully automatic weapons outside.

Anyway, the rumor is that the purpose of all of this is to keep people out of the Capitol.

One might ask, "Who committed a crime on the sixth of January and who failed to bring justice upon the fraudsters?"

The answers to those two questions would tell you what kind of trials need to take place when the justice system fails.


face diapers on troops may clue you in to what the first biggest lie was and its overreaction.


The false flag they will stage and their reaction to it will be the biggest lie. they will use the false flag to go after the gun rights of the same folks who they are stripping speech and assembly rights from right now.

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There was no protest, demonstration or dispute of any kind, let alone armed. I wonder why these troops are there at all. I heard there are reinforcements inbound for the absolute peace that has broken out around D.C.