Introducing Habit #4 - Stay Humble Stack Sats

in #habits2 years ago

If you would look at my first few habits that I started forming awhile back you'd see that priority #1 for me at this point in my life is good health.
Priority #2 for me is wealth. And by wealth I don't necessarily mean money or shiny things. Wealth for me is the ability to do what I (and my family) want every single day without anyone telling me what to do. Wealth for me is not worrying how to pay for that next bill (or to be more precise - next year's bills). These things impact mental health. So in a way this comes back to my 1st priority.

Hence, my 4th daily habit:

  • stack 50k sats every day (if BTC is <100k)
  • stack stablecoins (equivalent to 50k sats, when BTC 100k-200k, to be used when BTC dips below 100k for additional daily 50k sats buys)
  • sell 50k sats for stablecoins (when BTC >300k, to be used for additional 50k sats daily buys when BTC dips 50% from the price at which I sold).

Why so complicated and not just stay humble and stack sats? Because we are in a bull market and BTC (and crypto in general) are very volatile (as is the world in general at the moment). So I think being flexible is important. Although the end goal is one - stack as many sats as possible with my limited resources (in part by utilizing high interest that you can get on stablecoins when BTC price in not perfect for entering).

I realize that this particular habit might be applicable only for a short period of time (for example if BTC would go parabolic), so I will revisit this habit in 6 months (and will modify it if necessary).