Introducing LastingType. The gateway to millions of bloggers.

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[EDIT] LastingType has been discontinued due to small traction from the community. It was great to participate to the hackathon and make something new with Hive!

Hive is undeniably very good at storing content as an immutable and censorship-resistant database. However, this implicit but yet fundamental function of the blockchain is often underrated. 

LastingType changes that.

Own your content. Period.

LastingType enables authors to store their blog posts in the blockchain while using their favorite blogging platforms.

It is as simple as installing a browser extension and clicking save as you type in your preferred editor. Your content is then forever.

LastingType works on and will soon work for the most popular blogging platforms, including WordPress, Blogger, Ghost, LinkedIn, and others.

For content creators:

LastingType opens the doors for Hive to millions of bloggers who want to:

  • Make sure their content is forever
  • Regain full ownership of what they write
  • Protect their intellectual property
  • Be resilient to censorship

How to install:

LastingType has been tested on Chrome only, but it is intended to work on the major browsers in the future.


  • Go to the browser address bar and type chrome://extensions
  • Check the Developer Mode button on the top right.
  • Click on the Load Unpacked Extension button.
  • Upload the directory you get once extracting the package that you can download here

Once installed:

  • Open the extension and click on "Medium" to go to the editor.
  • Write some content (write at least the title and a paragraph). While still in the Medium editor open the LastingType extension and save your blog post to the blockchain. Magic!

Warning: LastingType has been developed for the Hackathon and it is in a very early development stage. You should only use it for testing purposes.

Note: LastingType stores your posting key locally and it makes no outside requests. It is 100% safe to use.


  • Add the option to edit an existing article
  • Add advanced options to choose the reward types and to enable/disable comments
  • Improve the HTML sanitization
  • Implement WordPress, Blogger, and other popular blogging platforms
  • Add the option to create a Hive account
  • Implement freemium functionalities (more on this soon)
  • Publish the extension on the major browsers

Enjoy using LastingType!


This is pretty awesome, I wonder since it works with chrome, if it works with brave since it is derived with chrome. I don’t use any of those services though, so someone else will have to tell me!

It will work with brave as well :)

Try to use more tags or post in a community, this will help to increase visibility.

Sure, I will. Thanks

This is great. As a blogger on Medium, I would appreciate this tool. I'll try it out next time I publish an article.

I tried it out. It works great! I am very impressed.

Happy that you liked it! Thanks

Certainly use more tags for sure.

This is an interesting concept you've brought to the table and so far the only extension project I've seen in the hackathon. Good work on this.

Thanks for your feedback!

This is cool stuff. There are many entries for the hackathon but from our view, this is one of the most useful tool. Great work here. We will feature this post in our Gitplait-elites today.

You are an elite

That's great. Thank you

A fantastic idea! It should be a fundamental principle for creators to own what they create, for others to enjoy. With more creators now than ever, and with all of them moving onto centralised systems to store their work, it's easier than ever to lose their rights to it. Keep it up!

Also, echoing what's someone commented before me; it's important to use tagging, so more people can see this great project :-)

Thanks a lot. I will add more tags next time!

Cheers! Best of luck!

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