Happy Easter 2021

in #happy4 months ago

Happy Easter to all the Christians around the world. Sadly, the lockdowns yet again are ruining the celebrations with no end in sight. Police cracking down on religious celebrations under the pretext of this plandemic is nothing but pure tyranny and a great threat to our freedom. Hopefully next year will be better for everyone. Stay safe and have fun.


Happy Easter - Long time, since I saw your post, hope everything is going well.

Thanks. It's been a while since I posted, but I'm active on Discord and other places.

Happy Easter to you too! We are lucky in Australia to have freedom to roam within our own country.

what a privilege... lol... who would have ever thought that could be a privilege.

anyways... happy easter y'all!

Hahah!!! I hear ya!

Happy Easter to you, one more year in confinement. Will Christmas be the same as last year? We shall see

Happy Late easter from here in Ontario ... where our lock down goes on and on ....

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