Testnet 2 is now live, we hardfork the 30th at 20 UTC, come join us

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This post will make a lot more context with this other post:

We'll hf at 1598817600 (30th of august at 20 UTC)

please run hf24 nodes with the branch restore_fix (we found a minor bug in the release candidate thanks to the previous iteration of the testnet)

You need to set the env var HIVE_HF24_TIME to 1598817600

like so:

export HIVE_HF24_TIME=1598817600 && ./programs/hived/hived

(note that I bumped the port by one to avoid any unwanted collisions)

build instructions are in the post above, follow the hf24 guide, except change those things:

git checkout restore_fix instead of git checkout master

change the config to use the new seed nodes (remove the other ones):

p2p-seed-node = 
p2p-seed-node =

And run it with the new time (as I mentioned in my previous post pm2 is not mandatory:

pm2 start "export HIVE_HF24_TIME=1598817600 && ./programs/hived/hived -d testnethf24" --name hf24

The rest is identical.

Ps: if you already participated in the previous hard fork, it's easier to just delete your hive folder, clone it again and start fresh. (it's a bit longer because you have to recompile everything but if you're not too sure about what you're doing it's the easiest way)


Thanks for the info, I'm currently configuring my node to participate in tests.

One note: it should be git checkout restore_fix not git checkout restore-fix

Edit: I'm producing blocks ;)

p2p-seed-node =

Thanks ! I got my copy pastes mixed up.

I'm in and producing!

Locked and loaded! - @deathwinghf24test ready to serve. - To join the witness URL bandwagon, here is mine:

thanks howo!

producing on testnet with @roelandphf24 and witness url set to


Updated witness-url-video by dope demand to better Eclipse related one:

@mintrawa you may be interested in participating in the second one :)

Yep, thanks @howo 👍 Server up & running on Testnet 2 now 😉

in bonus, a short video of the block creation stream on the HIVE Testnet 2 blockchain (made with angular 10 & nodejs for the fun) 😂

Your contributions to the hive ecosystem are huge. Special thanks to @howo

I try to do what I can. Thanks :)

Sounds like everything is on time and ready to go!

Oke are you ..

Wow exelente noticia, muchas gracias de todas maneras estoy configurando para participar, saludos.