HK: Bang Defense Highlights

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My gameplay highlights of Bang Defense. I used and showed here the different weapon/ NFTs that I have. Like the SMG, and Pistol.
I also gave a sneak peak on the mobs/ enemies to shoot.
Just a hint, the black flying bird has the lowest HP and deals less damage on the tower. You can let some of the birds pass through when the wave is intense. Or it depends, because sometimes you can shoot all the mobs including the flying bird if you have the proper timing and aim.

Here is how the dashboard looks like. You can see your earnings, total score and high score.
HIGH SCORE is your highest score. It can be updated once you beat your previous high score. While TOTAL SCORE is the sum of all your scores.

Before pressing the play button, you have to select your weapon first and need to activate it. Each weapon have their own stats and value depending on their type and rarity.


This is the playing area. You can see your main weapon that you chose and also the tower on the left side that you need to protect.

Here we can see our balance and the upgrade button. You have to choose which to upgrade first or do you need to save it up first to gain extra interest. It is all about strategy.

On top of the tower we can see its status, like its HEALTH for the green bar and also the SHIELD for the blue bar. The shield can be recovered once it is broken. You can upgrade it to make the recovery time much faster.

On the first level we can have these three mobs. The flying birds is the fastest but has the lowest HP. While the red one is a little bit slow and has a higher HP compared to the black bird.

For the following levels you will see the pink bouncing ball, croc and the machine with the rocket. These have higher HP and deals a lot of damage.

You will get the summary of your game when your tower gets destroyed

Here is the Recordings of my gameplay/ highlights to get a hint about the game, Bang Defense.


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