CONTEST πŸ’ͺ - KingdomFusion: Where Kings Create πŸ‘‘ #3

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Hello Kings and Queens! πŸ‘‘

Welcome back to the Weekly Contest KingdomFusion: Where Kings Create! This week has been nothing short of incredible, with the outstanding amount of 478 fusions made! This is more than a 100% than last week! And this time WE HAVE A WINNER!

Now, let's give a round of applause to this week's champion, @nomaddreamer! Making a total of 22 fusions, they managed to fuse a seed with an outstanding 3090 BUDS. Congratulations King you're a true seed sorcerer!


As we mentioned in the previous post this prize was special because the seed you will receive has a 50% than the one you created! So its a seed with a total of 4635 BUDS! The seed will be in your game Inventory!

The new contest is already underway! So keep fusioning more seeds! The winner of next week will receive a copy of the seed that won! But also if the seed you fuse is bigger than the past winner you will have a 50% PR bonus on the copy!

Remember the Rules!

  • Vote this post!
  • The seed with the highest PR by Thursday until 00:00 UTC of the next week will be crowned the winner.
  • Only new seeds are eligible; seeds fused before the event starts won't be considered.

Current Events!!!

Remember Kings that the ROYAL BOUNTY: The Kings Gift #3 giveaway is still running and you have time to participate until Tuesday of next week until 00:00 UTC!

Upcoming News! πŸ‘€


If you want to support us our curation program is still running! You can delegate HP to our account @hk-curation to receive vote post on the #hashkings tag and also BUDS rewards! It will be really helpful for us ❀️