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First of all...

- About us

We understand that many of you don't know yet about the HK team, but we are a team made of 14 talented members with different skills that have been working hard since January of the last year when we announced our farming game which is now the base of all our ecosystem.

The team members are mostly community members that thanks to HIVE and its community strength have joined the team during this year, and if you ever wonder about our identities, is not a secret.

  • What have we done for HIVE?

Makes sense that before asking for something, we show the art and all our work that have been deployed and created value for the HIVE blockchain until now.

First, we need to understand that HK is an ecosystem with different products/services/games that are built under the premise of hyper tokenization (which means, if something can be tokenized, will be tokenized), and the free market, and interactions between all the ecosystem that leads to natural decentralization of these experiences.

With that in mind, we will list you the different experiences and the different assets that are involved in each:

  • Farming game

A cannabis simulator which is now the base of the ecosystem and is the only way to mint new BUDS through a gamified experience of a farmer and is made of the following assets:

  - NFTS: Landplots, Seeds, Water Towers, Joints, Avatars

The concept of hyper-tokenization open an infinite window of possible profitable interactions between the players, like in the real life.

  • Raids

NFTs daily staking game mode for the Avatars, in which recycled BUDS are distributed to the players in different pools based in their stats XP and POWER.

- NFTs: Avatars, Joints
- Fts: Avatar packs (GEN1, GEN2)
  • Forge

A merge system for avatars that increase their stats to make them more powerful to farm more rewards in the raids.

 - NFTs: Avatars
 - FTs: Avatar packs, BUDS, and many other payment options like dec,pizza, sps, etc
  • Rentals and delegations

A marketplace in which land plots and water towers owners can lease their assets in different terms of time using HIVE as a payment method.

   - NFTs: Landplots, water towers
   - FTs: HIVE
  • Avatars sales by generations

limited events in which players can purchase avatar packs that brings 3 avatars and can be used throughout the ecosystem

      - NFTs: Avatars
      - FTs: Avatars packs (Gen1, Gen2), BUDS and different tokens including HIVE and HBD
  • BUDS staking

The first tokenized and non-inflationary staking system for a token in HIVE, in which all the ecosystem is connected with, as basically most of the revenue that the game creates goes to this reward pool and rewards the players with buying BUDS from the market and distributing them to the stakes.

  • BUDS bridge to FANTOM and MATIC chain

We believe that opening our economy to different and more liquid blockchains can brings benefit to HIVE, and BUDS is available with a bridge that work in both ways to these chains.

  • Bang Defense

As is our next game which recently had a presale and is still in development but has its own NFTs and interactions which is connected with the BUDS economy through its store and its rewards system.

  • Other value offers to HIVE are our HK stats page, different partnerships with projects like PIZZA, oneup and small marketing in youtube with crypto youtubers. (as we haven't spent much on this due to our reduced budget)




So What's The Proposal For?

Patience you must learn, young padawan

Due to the recently down-trending market caused by different reasons like general recession in the global economy, inflation caused by terrible governments politics and the consequences of the recent conflict in Europe our funds which are mostly HIVE have been very hurt along with all the factors mentioned before that makes our living-cost higher in our different countries put a lot of pressure over us.

In fact, we are one, and if not the most transparent project around here and we will tell you how much our funds are and they available i n the HIVE following accounts (we are all on HIVE)

For example from the BANG! defense presale we managed to sell $20k which is already like -22% due to the downtrend.

And for reference, we are also open with our salaries, for example, the CEO (like) earns just $1000 monthly as HK salary and just started charging for first time this April.

Me, Liuke i live in Spain where the min salary is 1050 EUR, so basically, I earn less than the min wage. And to be clear for the devs, HK is our priority and we are available from Monday - to Sunday.

If HK is too good, why aren't you earning more?

Decentralization of our economy, as is stated as our philosophy to develop HK basically means most of the revenue goes to the players and different actors in the economy instead of the development team.

So yeah our biggest strength is also our biggest weakness, especially if we consider HK team is really ambitious and works over real targets. And despite this, we really believe in HIVE, we really believe in all the potential we are unleashing in this blockchain with this interconnected HK ecosystem and we BELIEVE in our community that has made this amazing journey possible.

THE PROPOSAL: To Make HIVE Greater Than Ever

The proposal we are asking for is for 6300 HBD per month, or 210 HBD per day during a year that will be used in the following way:

  • 6300 HBD to the actual main fixed expenses we have that includes salaries, servers, nodes, etc. (Isn't all our expenses but would cover most of them)

You won't find a more efficient team of people to create and develop a value for HIVE ;)

This is not all basically with funding this proposal you will help us in developing the following services that we have been designing for HIVE and that will make the life of the HIVE citizen easier:

Gamified HIVE Onboarding website and the HK Menu

We have been working in a HK website in which every newbie user will learn the basics of HIVE concepts through small videos and fast quizzes that will have a prize if is successfully completed.

This project along with our HK menu tab can have a crazy good performance in increasing the retention of new HIVE users, as they won't feel lost and overwhelmed with all the information as it happens now.

Also this menu can be used in partnerships with other third-party apps (idk let's say an example PeakD to promote their app). HK can be easily the main HUB of HIVE users to browse the blockchain and works with an incredible synergy with hive keychain as you can access effortlessly differents apps in just a couple of click and without hesitation.


Rewarding system for content creators in social networks

We will start tracking content like videos in youtube, or tweets on Twitter of whitelisted users (so abusers don't bother us), and through a points system, we will use part of our BUDS treasury (which isn't new inflation) to reward these content creators that bring HIVE and HK to the masses.

Gamified NFT marketplace

Having inspiration from two different products (atomichub and betfury) we will build a completely new experience in the HIVE blockchain featuring a good looking NFT marketplace in which following our philosophy, users wil be the protagonist through interactions like tiers based in volume, NFTs rewards for these tiers, scratch and win games, fees cashbacks, prizes for NFTs volume traders, the highlight of the profiles of the traders (something they will love), sponsors space, etc

At the actual stage, we are working on the basic functionalities of a NFT market which are the filters, buy, sell, bids, etc


Nvm the actual art, cause is just a template we are using for the frontend to work with the functionalities.

Brands tokenization

Me (liuke), I'm a friendly person and as I live in Madrid I had the beautiful opportunity of meeting an amazing guy called Cao, which has a luxury sunglasses brand in spain Wilde sunglasses which is very well branded in Instagram,and he's very interested in the idea of tokenization of its products and for sure HK will help him in bringing Wilde to HIVE, and hopefully, i will work in convincing him in integrating a HIVE payment gateway (for example HIVEPAY if we want to include HIVE tokens too).

And that's not all, as he has also given me the contact of a few interesting people of who I still have pending meetings, don't wanna ruin the surprise but I will just say this, real state.

This is just an example of the reaching we can have in onboarding brands with their communities to HIVE, which if you think about works in synergy with the previous projects (onboarding and NFTmarket)

And a lot more...

Final words

We are a highly innovative and creative team so I could keep writing about the projects we will deploy in HIVE but I wanna be realistic and the four ones mentioned above will easily create more value for the HIVE blockchain than the 10k HBD that the HDF will give us monthly, so we proudly say that we will work for making HIVE an amazing place for the crypto users, brands and the concept of decentralization and hyper-tokenization.

Even if the proposal doesn't get the funding, wanna say thanks to our community <3




Han hecho un gran trabajo y siendo un equipo tan pequeño han demostrado el valor y merito cada uno de ustedes.
Las mejoras en este proyecto se pueden identificar desde lejos y cada vez la economía se mantiene sólida y lo mejor de todo deflacionaria.
Muy buen trabajo y gracias por siempre estar atentos a las sugerencias de la comunidad.

Done and done!

Nice work you got there ❤️🥰🥰..the view is pleasing to the sight and love you idea❤️

This is interesting. I didn't know much about your development team until now. There is a lot that is needed to produce a game. I try support your game and buy more nft !

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This post would benefit from links to the various games and services you've mentioned.

Of course!! really sorry for that, gladly you can access to all of them just by accesing one, for example, you can start here and browse in our menu through all the HK ecosystem



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