GIVEAWAY πŸ‘‘ - ROYAL BOUNTY: The King's Gift #4 🎁

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Hello Kings and Queens! πŸ‘‘


Sack of Seeds.png

Before starting this week giveaway we need to announce the winner of the last one. Thank you all who partcipate in the giveaway and we encourage to parcipate in the next ones too!

A HUGE thank you to @meanbees @nomaddreamer @nabbas0786 @happyfrog420-new for participating!

And the winner of this week is... @meanbees!!! Congratulations king πŸ‘‘πŸ₯‚! The seeds were already sent to you hive account.


Now this week giveway is open! We wish you the best of luck!

Don`t miss the chance to win all this seeds!

  • 6 South America seeds
  • 5 Mexico seeds
  • 4 Afghanistan seeds
  • 3 Africa seeds
  • 2 Jamaica seeds
  • 1 Asia seed

How to participate?

  • Vote and comment on this post

  • No need to create a post about hashkings but if you do we will really appreciated! Remember using the tag #hashkings

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity1 The winner will be revealed in next Tuesday's post. You have time to participae until next Tuesdat 00:00 UTC! πŸŒ±πŸ†

Current Events!!!

Remember Kings that the KingdomFusion: Where Kings Create contest of this week is still running and you have time to participate until Thursday 00:00 UTC!

Keep planting, cultivating, and let the competition thrive! 🌟❀️

Upcoming News! πŸ‘€


Support our curation program! Delegate HP to our account @hk-curation to receive vote post on the #hashkings tag and also BUDS rewards! It will be really helpful for us ❀️



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I'd like to thank my Mom and Dad, they have been a.... Oh wait, wrong post.

Thanks HK! I'll make good use of them.


Congratulations King!

Thanks you very much for considering my participation,
And I would love to participate in upcoming giveaway πŸ˜‰

Sure King you are in! Thank you for participating!

Thankyou again ;)

Great Job HK team the game has taken a turn in the right direction getting better and better every day

Thanks King! We appreciate your constant support on the project!

I want to participate!