What To Expect In The BANG! Presale?

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April 1st - 2PM EST

The time is getting closer and closer and we can see the excitement in the people, especially to getting access to the very limited higher tier packs!

This post is meant to answer some questions that may be rolling your minds, and we understand it as the more you know about a project the more safe you will feel, and for us nothing is more important than that bringing that feeling of security.

1- ¿Who's Behind BANG! Defense?

As we have stated BANG! Defense is part of the HK ecosystem with the inclusion of @choof which is the master game dev. So we can say BANG! Defense has access to a team of 14 talented people from around all the world.

2- ¿The Presale Packs are NFT Packs?

Nop, this has a simple explanation and is that the kind of combo of assets we are offering in the presale doesn't exist in the game as a pack. The presale packs gives you access to tons of different NFTs like the 3 kinds of crates (which indeed are NFT packs), keys, HK avatars, and limited edition blasters.

3- ¿ Will I receive all the content of the packs in the presale day?

Also no, as well as with HK presale the last year you will receive most of the content on a different day than the purchase day. In fact you will only initially receive the exclusive blaster then we will drop the rest of the assets a date later.

This is because we really put love in developing all our stuff, specially visually as you can see in HK which has a personality in its way to be presented to the players, will be the same with BANG! Defense, we are already working on building the assets but it would take a bit more of time and the presale is really important for the time to access funding to build more and faster.

4- ¿Where The Presale link will be posted?

In our Discord, and also we will put an icon in the HK menu so everyone can see it and also will be posted in a flash announcement here in Hashkings!

5 - I Don't know what's Bang! Defense, where can i read more about it?

In the following posts:

6 - ¿Why The Presale Blasters are unique?

Well they are essentially Guns skins, but we decided to add an exclusive feature that will make then a high valuable collector NFT as no other NFT in the game will do this ever, and is that depending on their rarity they have a chance to drop a random KEY each month with the following rates:

  • Common 5%
  • Rare 15%
  • Epic 50%
  • Legendary 100%

These droprates can be balanced if is necessary.


Presale Inventory

This inventory will be a basic tool that we are fast building to be used in the first day of the presale so players can see their blasters. This is because we don't know if BANG! Defense will be accessible in NFTmart from day one, so its better to have it than don't.


Then we will start building the real inventory that will allow you to personalize your BANG! Defense matchs with your NFTs.


Guns, Towers, and General crates.

Besides these initial designs, we are building the template of the different NFTs which is these crates opened in a frontal vision and the NFT itself (which can be the soundtrack vinyl, the background, the enemies, guns and towers floating in the center)

Also we are sketching the opening crates website with their animations which are strongly inspired by the counter strike global offensive crates opening.

We need to also start designing what will be the Keys shop and the leaderboard website, all of these functions will be separated websites to allow the main game to be free of "over-information" and look saturated, happily all be easily accessible through our HK ecosystem menu


That's not all, you can check all the development advances made by @choof in the home website, guns skins, and gameplay in our discord :) !



Awesome to see more development and the updates! Excited to see the final results!


That's awesome, I already want it to be april 1st to buy my legendary pack, well if the whales will let me have 1 at least ajajajaj !PIZZA

This is amazing. The presale packs are available this week. I can buy from website !

Looking forward to getting my pack, if the race allows it and they don't run out before it arrives.

Lovely! So excited with this new game!

I look forward to this game, I already want to buy at least one of its packs !PIZZA

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