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This logo is temporary, we're still working on our branding image.


We're the same team behind all the ecosystem of HK games that we have been building for almost two years. HiveKings is our expansion movement to bring more products/services than you've ever seen in the HIVE blockchain.

We will carry proudly the HIVE flag in all our products which thanks to HiveKings won't be limited just at blockchain games but we're gonna explore in more industries to unlock all their potential using the blockchain technology and our infrastructure in the HIVE blockchain which is not only software but reputation, contacts, exposure, etc.

All our upcoming projects will be still following our philosophy of creating an interconnected economy that we have been applying in HK games, so this means we're gonna still use our main currency BUDS as the center of new HiveKings projects and integrate it to leverage our growth and the products we can create for the community.

Also, HiveKings allows us to keep all our ventures more organized by industry and leave HK games just for our blockchain games developments.

HiveKings Startups

Just a list and a summary of all our actuals and short-term projects that we will develop in the HIVE blockchain. Each project will have its own HIVE account and its social media.

HK games

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Our well known ecosystem of games will keep up with the innovation that's part of our philosophy with higher quality games exploring new fields like 3D games and following the path of the hyper-tokenization to create an unique experience for all our players in a sustainable environment, all made in the HIVE blockchain.

The farming wars expansion, Bang! Defense development and more updates are coming to HK games!

HK University

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One of the biggest obstacles we have faced as team when we were looking to expand our development rate is the scarcity of developers that know how to deal with the HIVE blockchain and engine. All our team members have learned through the practice and we have funded that training so we thought a way to onboard new devs in HIVE and that way is to train them and offer job vacancies to the best ones in the HK team.

HK University has been online in a discord server for almost a week, is totally free for our students and the actual initial methodology is learning through 3 levels (basic, medium, and advanced) realizing small projects that give you the skills necessary to deal with development in HIVE. We're about to launch a learn-to-earn model that will be announced in the @hk-university profile.

Our goal with HK University is to build a platform totally free for the users so we will be looking for ways to fund it as sponsors for example-

To join us, Dm HK-liuke96#4969 in Discord.


Tokenization Kings


Using our experience and infrastructure we're gonna be working in onboarding brands to HIVE and working with them in partnerships, expanding the options of products and services available in HIVE and at the same time giving these brands a bigger exposure and new business opportunities with the blockchain tech.

Our first partnership will be with @wildesunglasses, a cult brand of sunglasses with stores in different parts of the world and an incredible presence in social networks. We're preparing a really really exclusive collection of sunglasses inspired by and for the HIVE community powered by 3D NFTs backed in its real pair.

We're gonna help Wilde with all the tech side, including website, payment gateway, setting up the NFTs, the 3D models, etc. #STAYTUNED.

The collection will include less than 50 pair of sunglasses so you must be fast to get yours.

Our aim with this is to find high-value brands over all the world that can new experiences to the HIVE community and help them with opening new opportunities for them in HIVE.


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As an eternal thanks to the HIVE community, especially other devs and stakeholders that got our proposal funded we will be developing open-source projects for the HIVE community.

So we will be dropping posts with the repository and the instructions in how to use these contributions and modify them to use them in your projects.

Our first project, which is almost done, is an NFT in engine randomizer that can be configured with different layers and rarities probabilities to mint an engine NFT with the image saved in an IFPS third-party service. This first project was requested by our friend @acidyo who has been offering his support in many of our initiatives.

HK Art Studio

We have been offering our service as an art studio which includes design of character, icons, animations in different style, gifs, illustrations and more recently UI/UX design for websites.

Of course this brings value to the community as we're open to serve individuals and also big projects, we have started creating icons for the unique @dcrops and other smaller request from users from the amazing pizza community.


Retro Klothes And More

@retro-klothes is part of our upcoming ventures in setting up tokenized business in regular industries like clothing. Retro llothes specifically will bring second hand vintage clothes of top brands with a unique experience including NFTs and the fact that the relationship with our clients doesn't end when they purchase a package, it just starts there and our goal is to lead them to be a new HIVE user through our products.

Of course these businesses will be powered by HIVE and the worldwide HIVE community will get access to new products and services made by HK, in the future when we get more expertise and capital we will be venturing in other industries. Can you imagine buying a coffee in the center of madrid and paying with HIVE?

¿How to participate in HK?

Each HK startup will have its own methodology so it will depend in what you're interested in. If you are a HIVE developer/Ceo and want to start a partnership with us in any of our startup you can reach us in our official discord.

Join our discord server


So many new projects In hive happy to see the development 👍🏻

It was a pleasure doing business with you.🤝


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Realmente interesante. Estaría muy bien poder pagar el café con Hive en Madrid o en Alicante.

Amazing.. great job on hte hk games.....

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More projects are always awesome! HK is IMO really promising with an increasing social part of hive as another reason to log in.

good synergy.

If you're interested in HK University, BANG! Defense is currently looking for someone to help with backend development. We would love to have you!


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Happy to see this development .

This is awesome! Keep it up!

thanks so much!

Will do love to be a part of this. How can I?

Hey! you wanna be part of the HK university? Just Dm us in discord :) we will be waiting for you

How about the workforce?

Ah you mean the art studio? Yeah sure, we can prepare an interview with out art director!

Aii. What should I do?

Dm us in discord

Hope to see a bunch of games from this, best of luck!


We do as well! that would add a ton of value to the blockchain with some creativity

Might not be within the scope of your project, but some kind of tool to allow blockchain game creation without extensive coding knowledge would be a huge boost to blockchain gaming.

I know there are a whole ton of writers and artists who could easily create a game if they didn't have to write code.

Anyway, best of luck with the project! Always happy to see more games on Hive.


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