HK Weekly Media Initiative! Curation + Rewards "Week 2" ENG-ESP

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Respectable Kings.

Respetables Reyes.

I'm happy to announce our second "weekly media" contest, some Kings have made amazing posts about our Kingdom, some of them are:

Estoy feliz de anunciar nuestro segundo concurso "media semanal", algunos Reyes hicieron posts increibles sobre nuestro Reino, algunos de estos son:

Infernal Coliseum Basic Tutorial [EN/ES],
HashKings 20% Buds Discount Across Their Games,
Stewie's Smoking Farm Report

Thank you for expanding the fun beyond the walls of our kingdom, reaching those places where we are needed, and being rewarded while you have fun with HK!

Gracias por expandir la diversion mas alla de nuestros muros, alcanzar aquellos lugares donde somos necesitados y sean recompensandos mientras tienen diversión con HK.


The objective of this initiative is to let the world know about all the wonders of the HIVE ecosystem, specifically everything that has to do with Hashkings and all the games that make up our ecosystem such as farming, raids, bang! defense, infernal coliseum, KAT arcade, and everything else you can find around!

El objetivo de esta iniciativa es dejar que el mundo sepa sobre sobre las maravillas de HIVE, especialmente todo lo relacionado con Hashkings y todos los juegos que hacen nuestro ecosistema como ser el farming, raids, Bang!Defense, Infernal Coliseum, KAT arcade y todo lo demas que pueda ser encontrado alrededor!

The prizes for participating will be votes from our curation account @hk-curation as well as surprise gifts that include:

Los premios por participar serán votos de nuestra cuenta @hk-curation como tambien regalos sorpresa que incluyen:

  • Avatar packs
  • Forge tokens
  • EXP tokens
  • BUDS
    and more!

¿How To Participate?

¿Cómo participar?

A few steps are required to qualify for the surprise gifts plus the upvotes:

Unos cuantos pasos son requeridos para calificar por los regalos sorpresa como por los votos:

  • Create content about hashkings on the HIVE blockchain. Can be anything you can imagine! A review, art, gameplay, tokenomics, strategies in any game, a post about BUDS or the staking, etc. The sky is the limit.
  • Use the tags #hashkings and #hivegames and include a link to a game in Hashkings.
  • Share your new brand post in any other social media! At least 1 is required and can be twitter, facebook, youtube, pinterest, etc. All our very welcomed! (tag hkmedia15 on twitter)
  • Post the link of your entry in that social media in this post's comments!
  • Crear contenido sobre Hashkings en la red de HIVE blockchain. Pueden ser sobre lo que sea que imaginen! Una review, arte, gameplay, tokenomics, estrategias en cualquier juego, post sobre BUDS o el staking, etc. El limite es el cielo!
  • Usar los tags #hashkings & #hivegames e incluir un link a un juego de Hashkings
  • Compartir tu nuevo post en cualquier red social! Al menos una es requerida, puede ser Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. Todas las entradas son bienvenidas! (etiqueta a @hkmedia15 en Twitter)
  • Comparte el link de tu post en una red social en los comentarios de este post!

All our updates are announced in our discord

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Hi Kings and Queens, here my entry for this week! Thanks for your curation initiative, i love it so much!


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~~~ embed:1599533340326998016?t=pOdxy5bdqn0S3blfd6iuyA&s=19 twitter metadata:WUxBR19DcmVhdGVzfHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL1lMQUdfQ3JlYXRlcy9zdGF0dXMvMTU5OTUzMzM0MDMyNjk5ODAxNj90PXBPZHh5NWJkcW4wUzNibGZkNml1eUEmcz0xOXw= ~~~

Missed that it was a new week haha


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