BANG DEFENSE Presale Is Still HOT!

in #hashkings8 months ago

In case you have not heard about it, a new NFT game on Hive is up and it is called Bang Defense. The developers are also behind the Hashkings game. I am passively earning in Hashkings just by renting out my lots and water towers so I am up to trying out their new game. I am inviting everyone in Hive, the presale is on and the items are relatively cheap than any other NFT game out there. If you have been here in Hive, you have some Hive assets idling, please invest and support this new game and help yourself earn more in the future.

The website to get the presale items is:
Legandary blasters are sold out, but you can still avail the common, rare and epic ones. Do not wait until they ran out!