HashKings Region Guide: Mexico


If you’re starting to expand your growing operations in HashKings, you’ll likely be moving into Mexico in the search for the perfect BUDS.

Farm plots in the region Mexico are the second cheapest region and it grows the third cheapest Seed. It’s also very commonly found at the marketplace. These plots are quite readily available with a total supply of 5,268 minted plots.


In this region you can only grow a single kind of Seed.

This single seed is the Acapulco Gold. It has a sprouting time of 6 days from planted Seed to harvestable BUDS. It’s production range is between 343 to 588 BUDS. It needs 912 HKWATER to be harvestable.


The fact that this region can only grow one kind of seed is both good and a bit, well, boring. If you like variation this is not going to be your favorite region. But if you like stability and predictability, Mexico is great.

Because this region only has one seed type, you’ll always get the same kind of Seed from your staked MOTA in this region. Unlike most other regions where your staked MOTA can drop up to four different kinds of Seeds with different BUDS production ranges.

So calculating the profitability of future harvests is easy as apple pie in Mexico. Steady profit, no surprises, good or bad.

Depending on the mood of the market, you can be lucky and pick up a Mexican farm plot for almost the same cost as a South American plot. Something to be on the look out for.

Happy farming!



This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.

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You are doing a great guide but I feel like it could have been better if you made a single one with all regions. Those posts are practically a big article cut down into small bits.


Thanks for the advice! That could possibly be the case. I’ll finish this mini-series of posts in the one-by-one format as I’d like to keep the content format consistent (and not re-post old content of these already published two regions into one new article), and I’ll take your advice into consideration for my upcoming content. Always good to get tips on how to improve!

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