A highway pit-stop like never before

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Suan Kaew Mongkorn Coffee Shop Kalasin, Thailand...found about 13 KM north of Kalasin City along highway 227. The terms middle of no where, unique, remote etc., all very overused and worn out I know, but honestly, this place is all of those and more. 20201208_160511_copy_.jpg

As we plodded along the highway on our way to lakes and temples to see, we could not help meet this pit-stop with gaping mouths. It really is remote, alone, with no neighbours and so totally unique, at least in my 19 years travelling around Thailand. 20201208_154943_copy_.jpg

What can I say? Words will not describe so much as the pictures. At the front there is a large plantation with raised walkways and some benches, where you can walk around, take a seat and overlook the plantation with its windmills, and the land surrounding in general. In the middle there is a small hut of sorts where you can order food and drink, with some indoor and outdoor seating.20201208_155351_copy_.jpg

Rather more uniquely, toward the back, there is a tea/coffee shop with seating and lake with nets you can lounge out on that are suspended over the lake. There is so much more to see in terms of flora, the decorative items, the hanging linens, bric-a-brac...honestly, really very pretty, unique, and happy place it is. 20201208_151314_copy_.jpg

Check out all the best pictures on this gallery below.20201208_151045_copy_.jpg



















If you ever get the chance to get here, this map locator pin will help. You can also see their page here on Facebook.
Our next stop along the road was to the temple 'Wat Phutthawat Phu Sing', one of those striking temples high up on a hill.


This really look like a cool place must put this location on my bucket list for when I can return to Thailand for a vacation.

Thanks @Kohsamui99 be prepared for a long trip though as it is around 600 KM from Bangkok. But well worth taking time out to see Isaan.

Thank you @stbangkok for the info and will be looking forward to seeing more reviews from Thailand.... Cheers buddy 👍

Will write on soon mate cheers @kohsamui99

Be looking forward to it @stbangkok 👍

It looks like a heavenly place. Thanks for the tour.

Thanks @carolynstahl i will write up about the nearby temple on the hill soon.

I have never walked around Thailand so thank you for the post and photographs; walking is so enjoyable and so much fun.

Hey there @angiemitchell and thanks for your kind words. This was certainly not a place i would walk to as it was a long way from anything else at all. :-)

I remember when we ( a very small group of friends) walked from outside Florence to Assisi in the mountainous Umbrian country. They were no coffee shops along the way or parks with toilets. It was a fabulous green and healthy walk with the best views of the country side (especially on top of the mountains), and many treasured memories .