Thunkgaria backed by HBD & UST

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Good day Players!!!

With a lot of blockchain games coming and going. I wanted to do a post about the Thunkgaria sustainability.

As a lot of you know, the standard thing for a new game is to issue some type of token, NFT, Land plot sale to raise money to fund the development of the game. Sometimes this works out other times players that invested sit for a long long time with no return.

With Thunkgaria I took a different route and funded everything myself.

Now some of the haters are saying "your not a blockchain game". Without getting into that subject (it is for a whole different post). We do have blockchain logins and connectivity being worked on.
We are also fans of the Hive Social Blockchain system. So we do reward our players (community) with upvotes on Hive and the ability to use Hive/HBD to purchase in-game currency (relics).

Now this purchase does have to be manual right now, but like I said we will be automating this.

Finances of Crystal Spider Games
As many of you know our games are produced under the Crystal Spider Games umbrella. Even tho we fund the development. Each game needs to be able to fund its servers.

Thunkgaria can currently pay for its own servers and has 125 HBD & 125 UST currently locked up for Thunkgaria.

Currently in Thunkgaria we have issued 6,250 Relics. These Relics are backed by the HBD & UST giving each Relic a $0.04 cost basis.

Yes we do sell Relics at a cost of $0.20 - $0.25 each, we use the money for the server cost and then the rest to buy up HBD & UST. So we expect the cost basis of Relics to $$ to increase over time.

We are considering doing a semi-annual Relic to Hive sale. So you can cash out some of your in-game relics. (you can earn them through events and selling items on the in-game market).

So just to let everyone know we are backing Thunkgaria with HBD & UST and currently our upvoting account (Holybread) is hovering around 11,000HP for upvotes to top ranked players and any content covering Thunkgaria.

Tomorrow is Friday
Friday means new content. :)

Let me know in the comments of any questions and if you read this far and put "give me some" in your comment.
The 1st 5 people will get a HBI/SBI sponsorship to help when you post.


Love the idea of backing the Relics with HBD and UST!
I've definitely wondered multiple times if buying Splinterlands assets with Hive was a good idea or not, if Hive goes up and Splinterlands assets go down then I've just spent way more than if I had timed it right... so this takes the guessing out of the equation.

Nice! Glad you like the idea!

You also win a SBI/HBI share!

WHOA! That's two ideas that I like!

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 1.59.37 PM.png

Thank you so much! That's amazing.

Yo man! Give me something for the long run!

Yo man! I give you a SBI/HBI share and some !LUV

Give me some!!

Also, how can I join the game? Is it already playable in some way? :D

You win a SBI !!

yes you can play at and read about it @

also our discord server is where you can read all of our comic strips in the channel

I'll register on the game as soon as I get back home after Easter :P Playing on the mobile phone sucks. How much time per day a player is expected to spend on the game?

Its really up to you.
Its a dungeon crawl.

So some players grind a lot on Friday's when the new content comes out.

Some people run a few dungeons and battle a few times daily in the Arena.

Trying to stay away from the "you have to play daily" to more of a "play and enjoy this week's content or this month's event"

The web based game is just part of the gaming world we are building based around Thunk.

Happy easter!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 101 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I've been reading your posts on Thunkgaria but haven't actually played yet. I'll get there asap!

Give me some, if you want and if I qualify. :)

It is cool to see that you will be allowing buying (and possibly future selling) of in-game currency for Hive/HBD. I'm doing the same with my game, but just with HBD. I like the stability of HBD and also the ability to keep some of the game operating account in HBD savings which now pays 20%.

I also fund everything myself. Nothing to buy, just come play. My game is only open to a few testers so far. Maybe to the public someday, maybe not.

I wish you all the best with your game and I'll get in there soon, and plan to buy some Relics!

You are the final winner #4 of a SBI/HBI share

cool your game is in testing right now.

If you ever want to chat (code or design) you can DM in discord.
Thunkgaria is web based and our new games will be in Unity.
We are working on a back-end to connect them.

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for the SBI/HBI share!

My world/game is web based too, but the graphics are super simple. Unity is a great game dev platform and I may use it in the future, but for now my game is simple enough to not need it.

I see your url is http. I have my browser set to warn me of non-https sites so I didn't go there yet. But I will go there on another computer or Virtual Machine. Are you thinking about getting an SSL Certificate? They aren't cheap. I use the Free Cloudflare plan and get their caching, security and https for free.

Yeah doing SSL is the goal.
We had SSL when we hosted on Heroku but since we moved to AWS something messed up with it.
Still working on it, but did not want to delay the relaunch over it.

Here is your verification
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 2.36.38 PM.png

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Maybe you give me some greeting back?

For me its fine to see that Thungaria is connected to HIVE, because here is my "home" blockchain.
Ok, enough words, I have to go to a beta test... ;-)

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