Thunkgaria HBD/UST update & New Artwork

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Here are the latest HBD/UST backed in-game currency (Relics) info.

We had before :

6163 Relics in-game backed by 125 HBD & 125 UST for $250 giving each relic a value of $0.04

Now we have

6145 Relics in-game backed by 128 HBD & 140 UST for $268 giving each relic a value of $0.043

Why did Relic count go down??
Relic's are mainly used for the marketplace (player-to-player) so the count stays the same, however if a player uses Relics to buy more chests (storage space) or to change the combat style of their Hero's. The relics spent are burned.

So we had some relics burnt this last week.
Also this next week I will be doing some relic drops during the Vimm streaming event from the 15th - 29th.
I am planning on the relic drops to be offset by growth in our HBD & UST holdings.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 1.25.11 PM.png

We are also working on updating a bunch of the artwork in game. Check out the new FULL Artwork monster cards.
This was started as we designed the Wizard Tower Dungeon for our 1st event and now we are upgrading existing dungeons with this style.

let us know what you think.

some players are upset when moving from Heroku to AWS we lost our SSL / HTTPS connection.

I am working on a solution. Right now I have an AWS certificate but it can't be used on an EC2 server.
We may move over to elastic beanstalk to over come this or get a different 3rd party certificate.

In the meantime remember at this time we are not using Hive logins so we are not asking for any keys.

Also as a note the old website was unsecure for a very long time. but if it still makes you nervous I would hope you would come back and visit when we get our dev ops finalized.

as always thanks for playing!



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