I think there were some errors in that unless he fixed it.

I looked only at deposits, and there was around 800k, but one big player has withdrawn a big amount as well, so the net is somewhere 500k to 600k.

It's easy to get this data from HiveSQL, it's currently ~650k HBD

Screenshot from 2021-07-19 15-55-48.png

Yes it is changing a lot these days :)

I don't know how to use HiveSQL (nor any other tool that can do this) so I don't know but last report I saw it had increased from 400k to 550k. That was several days ago, before the increase to 10%.

It's already ~650k

I do know that the flow direction of the stabilizer is still absorbing HBD from the market rather than supplying it (likely due to bag holders from the pump continuing to unload it). Perhaps that will start to shift after the change 10% which just happened within the last day or so, we'll see. Plus, of course, the bag holders will exhaust their bags at some point too.

It will be interesting to watch what is happening with it over time as demand rises and falls in the markets.

well , I can speak for myself: just bought some HBD to save it. 5k =D yay! now hive has an interesting savings account!

stabilizer has done a good job but now we are at the point where we need hbd/usd pair, Hive-Engine SWAP.USDC/ SWAP.HBD pair would be a good start