The Died Suddenly, Jabbed Recently Symposium

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By John C.A. Manley

On Saturday, I headed east to attend the Do No Harm Symposium in Hamilton (on the outskirts of Toronto).

The event opened with Dr. Jennifer Hibberd, a dental surgeon, describing Canada as the "playground for the World Economic Forum." But they play dirty, as she learned firsthand. She told how her clinic was raided under the suspected direction of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service the day after she posted an online video from the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. Here she is speaking on stage...

Hibberd, like the other speakers, was speaking out against the "died suddenly/jabbed recently" phenomenon that's been striking at the hearts, brains and major arteries of those who believed big government would never tell a big lie.

Up next was Michael Alexander...

Alaxander is the lawyer who has been representing Dr. Mark Trozzi. Trozzi has been deemed "incompetent" by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons for denouncing the entire COVID agenda, with his license under threat of suspension. How ironic, being that he's one of the few competent doctors in Canada who is speaking out against the clot shot.

Alexander said he was quite confident that they would win against the Ontario College in court, despite failing before their corrupt tribunal. He is a true "Atticus Finch" of a lawyer (per Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird), though he's such a jolly character, it's as if he stepped out of a Dickens' novel. You can see his cheerful demeanour pictured below with my son Jonah and me...

Up next was Alexander's client, Dr. Mark Trozzi, who succinctly explained why he left the medical profession: "I did not sign up to be used to kill people." However, he also pointed out that he has not really abandoned his job as an emergency room doctor, as the political situation he's presently attending is "clearly an emergency." Trozzi emphasized how the nanoparticles in the COVID shots are designed to penetrate and produce the toxic spike protein in every cell in the body.

I gifted him (and all the other speakers) signed copies of Much Ado About Corona — pointing out how I named one of the restaurants in the story after him (Trozzi's Pizza). Here we are, with Trozzi wearing his "PROUD MEMBER [of the] FRINGE MINORITY" sweatshirt....

Dr. Chris Shoemaker, however, went even further in his claims of vaccine hazards than Trozzi — presenting evidence that the shots may be producing spiderweb protein in people's bodies (along with the cancerous SV40 DNA sequence). Spiderwebs may explain the strange blood clots morgues around the world have been pulling out of corpses.

Prior to COVID, you've heard people say they have cobwebs in their brain, sadly, now it may no longer be a metaphor.

Here's a mRNA-free shot of me with the honest doctor...

Derek Sloan concluded the series of talks with a strong call to turn the "lambs into lions." Sloan has certainly proven himself a lion (albeit a vegetarian one), being the only member of parliament to expose and oppose the COVID scandal. He emphasized that it's a matter of being unrelenting in waking up the sheeple, "because once the light switch is turned on they can't go back to sleep."

I had the honour of sharing a vendor table with Sloan (where I was selling copies of Much Ado About Corona, with the proceeds going towards Mark Trozzi's legal fees). Sloan was selling copies of his semi-autobiographical game plan to make Canada "glorious and free" again — the book being of the same title. I was sure to purchase a signed copy of Glorious and Free as you can see here...

...and I encourage you to do the same (copies available here) unless you prefer Lamblike and Slaughtered.

And be sure to check out (and subscribe to) Dr. Mark Trozzi's website. Consider also donating towards his legal fund (as, after all, it's our battle he's fighting).

John C. A. Manley is the author of the full-length novel, Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story. He is currently working on the sequel, Brave New Normal. John lives in Stratford, Ontario, with his son Jonah, and the ever-present spirit of his late wife, Nicole. You can subscribe to his email newsletter, read his full bio or find out more about his novel.

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In this way, when a person dies suddenly, there is a lot of trouble for his family and a lot of grief. One day we all have to leave this world, but when someone goes like this, many family members are worried about him and life becomes very sad.

What a sudden tragedy that nobody was actually expecting but well life moves on as it is

Sudden death is a tragedy.

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There were many doctors who were in league with the governments and both of them made a lot of money within those days the price of masks went from Rs 10 to Rs 110.

It is really unfair that some doctors really support the agenda of killing people. I am very sure that it is the motive of their so called COVID. This man is a wonderful man who stands by his words and making sure that he remains loyal to the nature of his job even though there are so many other doctors who are bad and corrupt

Castro has proved one of the most murderous of bankster puppets on the world stage, utterly ruthless, a silken smooth orator, practiced to deceive, weaving a web of duplicity that traps and dooms his prey. Like father like son. The descent of a nation and it's people into tyranny is a tragic event, disturbing to observe, and from my youth in Alaska, when Canadians were kindred, to today, now they have become apparently a thoroughly bamboozled chattel, I have watched their sequential demodecimation, seen the chips of their freedom and agency fly away as their noxious government has whittled them down to hapless shadows of the pioneering woodsmen and natives of the Great White North they once were.

Worse than that is our exigency globally, at the massive deluded numbers worldwide that have succumbed to their indoctrinations, their propagandization and innoculation against understanding by the enemedia and the banksters that have devised their sacrifice as guinea pigs and involuntary medical device test subjects. The IDF refer to the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian population of Gaza as 'mowing the grass', and this seems apropos to the psychopaths that have viewed humanity as no more than a disposable resource, not as hated enemies, or despised competitors, but beasts to be used to produce wealth for themselves, and tested to destruction at their whim, of little use now that automation portends replacing their productive labor.

Such inhumanity will yield it's fruit, in time, as the survivors rise, as they always do after pogroms and wars, to purge their raving deceivers from the ranks of power, stringing them on gibbets, mounting their heads on pikes, and dangling them from lamp posts along the main streets of the devastated communities they have ravaged. What is sown is reaped, and again, as the cycle of genocidal profiteering recurs across the ages.

It is with some hope I observe that the slow march of technological advance has at last today created the prospect of independent means of production of modern goods and services suitable to individual households, as 3D printers, DIY solar panels, aquaponics, mesh networks, cryptocurrency, and the cutting edge of tech advance in every industry enables us to ourselves produce the blessings of civilization, and potentiates the end of centralized hierarchies that have been always necessary, since the Neolithic advent of agriculture, to our felicity. Finally we can be free of masters, of overlords, that might madly make of us collateral damage in a struggle to advance the general felicity without consequence, when we can ourselves merit our felicity by making it, and secure our lives and fortunes thereby.

The means of production have become potential to us now, and we that seize that responsibility end any grant of authority that has formerly been necessary because we can, at last, exercise it ourselves. Let us seize that nascent means at our fingertips, and end our thralldom forever, so such democide can never again occur.


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