NPS Green Tea (Pink Powder) from Japan = Highest Antioxidant you can get?

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I just read about it in a book I'm reading 'HOW TO NOT DIE' by Gene Stone and Michael Greger.

The book includes a link to a 138 page PDF, which is an antioxidant food table that details the total antioxidant content of more than 3,100 foods, beverages, spices, herbs and supplements used worldwide.

It fascinating really, little herbs like dried Mint have more antioxidants than I would have imagined.

But one thing stuck out more that the rest, and that's Green Tea (Pink powder), which is manufactured by NPS in Japan. Its measured antioxidant content in mmol/100g is 1347.83.

NPS tea Japan.png

After reading this earlier today I realised I have to find some, I love my super foods...but it would appear to be rather difficult to source it.

I found one link to Amazon that apparently sold some, but it was discontinued. Was this a scammer that had been shut down? Or can you actually buy it somewhere?

That is my reason for this post. I drink Midori Matcha Tea regularly (Gold class) which is from Aichi, Kagoshima & Kyoto, Japan.

I choose to drink 'Gold class' as the tea leaves are harvested around end of April to early May (early crop), so the taste is smoother, creamy, with a hint of sweetness and is super premium organic ceremonial.

The 'Emerald class' tea leaves are harvested around mid May to 3rd week of May and so the taste is more earthy and vegetal.

This is what it looks like, I have one every morning. To get that foam you have to use a small amount of hot water, and with the bamboo whisk, if you can imagine scratching a scratch card aggressively, thats the sort of motion you need. Once it starts to foam, you can then add the rest of the water gently down the side of the bowl. It takes some practice...

Matcha Tea 1.JPG

So, please, can anyone shed some light on this NPS Pink Powder Green Tea from Japan with insane amounts of antioxidants? Does it still exist? If so, link me!

Thanks for reading x