5 Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

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You have made the decision to exercise on a daily basis, but you may struggle with meeting your goals. One way to obtain workout success is to exercise in the morning. When scheduling exercise into your day, keep in mind these 5 benefits of a morning workout:

  1. Boosts your energy level
    Morning exercise wakes up your body and your mind so you feel better and are more focused throughout the day. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which improve your mood and prepare you to tackle the rest of your daily tasks. If you typically wake up slowly, morning exercise helps you wake up quicker and be more alert throughout the day.

  2. Aids in weight loss
    A morning workout increases your metabolism earlier in the day. As you exercise, whether you are lifting weights or performing cardiovascular exercises such as walking, cycling or running, your body receives a signal to burn calories for energy. This boosts your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours following your workout session. If your health goals include weight loss, an early morning workout focuses your mind on making smarter choices throughout the day, which encourages you to consume fewer calories and eat a variety of healthy foods.

  3. Reduces excuses
    When you exercise first thing in the morning, you do not allow anything else to get in the way of your workout. When you save your exercise session for later in the day, an unanticipated appointment, a dinner or time with the family have the potential to interrupt your workout goals. Plus, early morning workouts help to improve your dedication to your exercise routine. You look forward to the morning sessions when you can focus on self-improvement and then you have the entire day to schedule time with others.

  4. Saves time
    You will notice that your workout may be faster in the morning. Your body is fresh and not tired from the day, so you are able to complete your routine with less rest. For example, you may reach 10 miles on an exercise bike faster than you would in the evening. Or, you only need to rest for 30 seconds between sets instead of 60. As a result, you save time or you are able to perform more exercises in equal time to help you see benefits sooner.

  5. Improves restorative sleep
    Daily workouts require rest to repair your muscles and prepare your body for the next day. A morning workout helps you sleep better, especially if you typically have difficulties falling asleep. You will notice you are more tired and will look forward to climbing into bed, sleeping peacefully and waking up to an energizing workout the next morning.

If you are new to morning exercise, start slowly. For instance, if you typically exercise for an hour, aim for 30 minutes your first week and increase from there depending on how you feel. You may notice an appetite increase, so be sure to have many healthy snacks on hand.



There's nothing like starting a day with exercise.