Additional Method to Arrive at One's BEST SELF - "Tune In" To Health and Wellbeing!

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Yesterday, I added an addendum of sorts to my original post (made just a day earlier), covering my approach(es) on maximizing good/ desirable feelings and characteristic ways of being (to be more peaceful, calm, loving, lovable, compassionate, courageous, and, in every way, more pleasant and productive).

Today, I'm going to provide an additional technique to help convince oneself that they are, in truth, ALREADY the person that they desire to be - the one who experiences a max level of peace, love, joy, health, prosperity, compassion, relaxation, presence, confidence, wisdom, intelligence, etc.

I call this method, "Tuning in (to the correct frequency)".

Tuning in:

The internal world, when explored through one's own awareness, is one that is experienced as a type of "flow" of energy, or different types of "energies". This is why it's natural for us humans to talk about a person's energy, or aura, or "vibe". What we're describing isn't so much an energy that said person "gives off" or that we "pick up" (off of them), but rather the reaction (of feelings/ emotions) that occurs within us while being in their presence.

Regardless, there is A LOT of POWER that can be leveraged by that sense of energy within. And that's specifically what the technique of "Tuning in" aims at doing. I'll get into the specifics of that method right now.

The idea is to approach whatever we want from the perspective of something akin to a "tuning fork" (that resonates with a specific frequency of sound/ vibration). Since feelings and emotions are experienced internally as a type of movement of (internal) energy, or different types of energies, and we're aiming to feel more of certain types of said energies (specifically, more peace, love, joy, compassion, health, wellness, courage, insight, confidence, competence, relaxation, openness, etc.), our aim is to internally "tune in" to those vibrations/ frequencies.

We aim to RESONATE with the frequencies of peace, love, joy, etc, etc. We make our intention to aim our "internal antenna" in the internal direction of the relevant energies, so that we can tune into those feelings and emotions that we seek and, therefore, awaken and manifest those qualities into our experience and into our human character.

How we go about putting this all into an executable action is rather open ended, but a little creativity paired with a little intuition can go a LONG WAY, here.

One way that I've personally experimented with, and have found some success with, is using my imagination to visualize myself being a literal antenna (a giant one) that is aimed towards the "heavens" (deep out into the cosmos, well beyond the Milky Way Galaxy), in the direction of all the energies/ frequencies that are good and desirable and life/ health promoting (peace, love, joy, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, insight, courage, etc.). I visualize myself picking up on those healing waves, that are being sent down from the "great beyond" (you may prefer to use the term/ concept of God, here), and seeing/ feeling myself literally vibrating/ resonating with those frequencies.

You can imagine that these are waves of sound, or light, or something more subtle and/or powerful - it really doesn't matter what the specific details are, other than they make sense to YOU and feel like the right fit for YOU.

For me, imagining that these energies are a combination of light and sound moving in a very specific way is what works best for me.

I imagine that the light is bright white with streaks of gold and purple moving through it and sparkles of all the other colors of nature (green, blue, red, yellow, brown, orange, pink, black, etc.) appearing briefly, in random spots, and differing amounts of time.

I imagine that the sound is some type of angelic song that my human brain can't entirely pick up on or comprehend, but am unmistakably convinced is the most beautiful music, or any other type of sound, that I've ever heard or will ever have the privilege of hearing. A literal song from the heavens, blessing my eardrums, giving its healing grace to my entire being, as I watch and hear those beautiful, healing waves, pour over me, saturate me, warm me up with its love/ compassion, forgiving me of all my past sins/ mistakes/ errors of judgment, helping my whole body/mind to tune into those healing, life-promoting frequencies.

I'm trying to use as many of my senses as possible.

I'm seeing the bright, beautiful light rays, reaching out to me from the edges of the cosmos, from the highest heights of "heaven" - rich with intense saturation of color and contrasts.

I'm hearing the indescribably beautiful song of "angels", as it echoes through empty space, reaching out millions of light-years before gracing my eardrums.

I feel the pleasant warm heat of the healing frequencies imbued within those light/ sound waves, as I notice that relaxing warmth penetrating deeper and deeper into me, instilling more feelings of peace, love and calmness.

I can sense, with my more subtle "sensors", the unmistakable sensation of being showered in unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness by the the "Great Intelligence/ Wisdom", or the Universe, or God, if you prefer.

I can smell a pleasant aroma, that's something like a combination of all the aromas that I most enjoy, all at once!

I can literally taste, with my tongue, the pureness and divinity and holiness of this powerful, healing energy - a taste that no food can come close to touching - more pleasant and enjoyable than can be described in words.

I'm making sure that this is a vision and experience of a power so great and intense, as to be incomparable to anything known to humans or present on earth. I'm getting as close as my imagination will allow me to experiencing a healing power/ entity that is "ineffable" - "too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words" (to use a dictionary definition).

The more vivid and intense that we can manage to make this vision/ experience, the more likely it will have the profound effect(s) that we're after while doing this visualization exercise.

Of course, we don't have to approach this through visualization. We could also come at this from positive self-affirmation(s) that utilize the "tuning in" perspective, or some type of specialized meditation that uses techniques that seek to tune in by some other means (aside from visualization).

Again, there really are no limits, here, aside from how creative we are - how far our imagination can reach into the possibilities and how helpful our intuition is in offering up some suggestions, as to how to best approach this.

I'd say that most of spiritual growth lies in developing more trust in one's own intuition, and allowing that to be one's guide, more and more, and it's no different, here. What I've offered here to you is something that I've personally found useful for me, in my own search for positive evolution, and while it may also be useful to you, it may not be optimized for you and your specific needs.

So, if you're going to take away one KEY element of being at your best it should be this: LEARN TO TRUST YOURSELF!

Learn to trust yourself when it comes to "finding yourself". Learn to trust yourself when it comes to choosing your path(s) in life. Learn to trust yourself when it comes to making any observations, about anything or anyone, and any conclusions regarding those observations. Be your own source of wisdom (even if that means trusting your intuition to lead you to the correct people, or guides, out in the real-world). Be your own source of SPIRITUAL GROWTH!

Be at your best!


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