Stop Bleeding with a Teabag

in #health6 years ago


This popped up on my feed and while I knew about it because my surgeon instructed me to use it when I had my wisdom teeth extracted, I hadn't realized it was such a universal solution and thought this was a great one to share!

The punchline is that a cool, moist black teabag can be applied to the following wounds for almost immediate results:

  • Wounds
  • Sores or ulcers
  • Cuts or even gashes (as a temporary solution until medical attention can be sought)
  • Burns

Apparently the combination of absorbing properties along with the caffeine in tea leaves, which constricts blood vessels is what makes this so effective.

Ideally, you should wash the wound first before applying the teabag. Obviously, this is a temporary measure and depending on the severity of the wound, medical attention may be needed but if this helps get you there in less distress then that good news all around!

p.s. In reading more about this, you can also apply a dry teabag between the dressed wound and outer bandage to help eliminate any bad odors!



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That is pretty cool. I will definitely be using it as I love using relatively natural ways to heal cuts and things of that nature.