Factory Farming VS Organic Foods

in #health5 years ago

Have you heard of the term “Factory Farming”? It’s a modern day term that refers to the “non-traditional” approach to farming businesses that focuses on keeping animals at high stocking densities. They’re able to achieve this goal by incorporating modern technology to hasten animal growth, increase production outputs, and reduces the death rate of livestock.
The modern society, especially business owners and investors, share the same opinion that factory farming is the way to go for modern farming. Factory farming was also regarded as one of the top innovations and believed to solve countless issues, providing high production output and lowering the cost.
Animal activists also protest against animal cruelty practices in factory farming.
So what is the truth?
After years of close monitoring and extensive studies in the agriculture sector, it is found that most factory farming utilize poor quality ingredients and questionable processing methods.
On the other hand, there’s an “Organic” way of farming. This term refers to the more natural, less toxic approach on how the agricultural products are grown and produced.
Organic livestock must not be injected with growth hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products.
Thus, organic agricultural products are far more nutritional and less toxic to our body.