Costa Rica Natural Plant Medicine: Turmeric Golden Latte (Fresh Curcuma)

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Since I started posting and talking about the benefits of using fresh turmeric in my own life, I had many requests for a video tutorial about how I make my golden lattes. @michelios and I are slowly building a YouTube channel about our wonderful experiences here in Costa Rica, and this made a nice addition to that. I will make more informational videos as time goes by, including how to dry and store fresh turmeric in powder form, as well as adventures from our spirulina project. Lots of interesting stuff to look forward to!

I'm also going to make a video soon about how to support your favorite YouTubers. There's a trick to it, and it doesn't involve spending money. It's something everyone who watches YouTube can do. Michel and I don't have the best filming and audio equipment. I use an old iPhone 7 Plus for almost everything, and it has its limitations, like low light capability. You will see that problem in this video. We desperately need better equipment, like a GoPro and a good external mic. Right now, though, we are trying to purchase land, repair and remodel the bus, and a gazillion other things that put a strain on our budget. Perhaps some day, if our subscribers will support us on YouTube, we can monetize the channel and earn enough to afford the right kind of audio and visual equipment. Here's hoping!

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I want a GoPro too!

Looks like warm pee both in cup and by the look on his face! be interesting to try it


Enjoy your golden uhm thingies.

Thank you Rhondak for sharing this awesome post, I'm from PYPT💜much love

Much love to you as well! 💖