If you can hold it in your mind. You can hold it in your hands.

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If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands. Thoughts are things. To think is to create. There is a formless substance from which our reality is made. A thought in this formless substance produces the thing imaged by the thought. Man or woman can impress their thought upon formless substance and cause what they thought to be created. Now in order to do this he or she must change from the competitive mind, to the creative mind. See formless substance is always creative and never competitive in spirit, "creation only creates" it need not be in competition with its self. Love and gratitude are the most powerful feelings in the universe. When you expend your gratitude and love, a pulse of energy is created. That pulse of energy affects the world around you. "Like begets like" Or in other terms a opposite and equal effect happens. Keep your feelings of gratitude in your heart and feed them with love. They are the fibers that glue you to your desire. Imagine in your minds eye that what you want the most. Did you know a thought has mass? Did you know a thought exist in space and time? Thoughts are things, and to think is to create. Expressing love and gratitude are a liberation of energy, a pulse of pure light will emanate from the bearers heart. Light has a secret. It reaches the farthest distances of the universe. Darkness carries the light. Remember the formless substance is only creative and never competitive in spirit. Thank you for your time. Please like and vote. Namaste