Health, awareness, and thoughts on today's "norm" of life

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I've been struggling to be more active on this platform for more than a month. Ironically, soon after I started on Hive and decided to keep it constant, everyone (myself included) got sick with who knows what, and we continued being sick on and off for weeks.

I should probably mention that since the beginning of "Covid19" craze I never believed the official story of the whole thing because I knew that the official story was total BS. If in doubt, just re-watch the set-up news clips of the Chinese pedestrians collapsing on the streets! Those who hold the means of manipulating the masses must think that the general population is retarded, which might be true).

However, I do know that there is something out there. I don't know what exactly it is because I have no scientific means to actually study it in detail. I tend to think that when we get sick from "out of nowhere", we are affected by any combination of the following: viruses (which are basically particles /pieces of genetic information), bacteria, fungal stuff, electromagnetic waves, radiation, genetic influences (hello, GMOs and new vaccines), and exposure to certain biological and chemical substances. And of course all these things affect us much more if our bodies are weakened by stress, unhealthy foods, excessive drinking, preexisting conditions, types of jobs we perform, our physical activity levels, et cetera.

The more I live, the more curious I become about our bodies and minds, the nature of health and disease, our true physical potential, and the ways in which we might be able to perfect our organisms.
Of course, there is a purely selfish reason for such curiosity. I do want to live better, stronger, longer, and I feel that our current state of being is far from what should be the norm. I believe that there should be a way for everyone to live better in their own bodies, and this state of being better and healthier should not be unaffordably expensive.
So, obviously I AM NOT talking about some expensive magic pill, a new genetic treatment, a special device, or some other kind of invention which could be bought with lots of money.

I am thinking more along the lines of working with one's body, mind, spirit, movement, and energy, with foods an drinks consumed, with lifestyle lived, and with the entire state of being. And, again, all these adjustments should NOT cost a fortune. They have to be accessible to most of the population of people with at least their very basic needs met.

We live in a very complicated world. Some decades ago people might have seen lack of information and extreme simplicity of life as a "problem" which needed to be solved (and by "simplicity" I mean that most people lived simpler and "slower" lifestyles with less accessible information). Today I find that many current problems, including the health-related ones, are deeply intertwined with oversaturation and overstimulation of our lives and our minds and physical bodies with news, noise, entertainment, stress, various forms of easily accessible pleasures, the quickness of things, the pressures of being engaged in everything and on time, and much more.

Sometimes the image of a modern man in my head is that of a very disoriented, frustrated figure which is hooked on many small fishing hooks with the invisible lines stretching in all the opposite directions. He is stressed, excited, and very busy, he is engaged in everything and very well informed, but at the same time he has no energy, no awe of life, and no inner resource to truly be alive.

It's not a very happy image, and as far as I see when I look around, there aren't too many happy people or healthy people in the world. I believe that health and happiness are the two things one can see physically. They manifest in the way we look. Something must be very wrong in the world and in the way we do things if most people look tired, damaged, unhealthy, slow, stressed, uninterested. We are just so numbed that we see this as the current norm.
Most of the time when something like this comes up in a conversation, the reaction goes along the lines of "I'm too tired, I'm too busy, I have no time or energy to think about this, there are other problems, I'll think about this later."

When? When death knocks on the door?

The way I see it more and more is that our body is the base for most things. Our body and mind is the main tool, the crucial, un-substitutable instrument which we need to properly exist in this world and do all the other things that seem much more important. But it somehow often ends up at the end of the list.

I have many questions and only some answers. One thing that should definitely GO AWAY before anything else is our constant state of being disengaged from most processes of life, including our own thoughts, emotions, behavioral patterns, reactions, habits, and simplest acts such as how we sit, move, walk, eat, sleep, or what we do at any given moment. This is not some separate topic, philosophical thing, or mental practice; it's directly connected to our health and well-being, our energy levels, and our ability to react to unfriendly effects of the environment and various pathogenic agents.