Don't Worry if THIS Doesn't Make Sense....

in #healthyreminders4 months ago (edited)


Live close to the "fountain" (of deep fulfillment).

Break your unhealthy habits.

Awaken your compassion.

Strengthen your compassion.

Give your desires away to your heart.

Bring the highest beauty of nature with you, wherever you go, and whatever you do.

Give "yourself " up to your highest state (of being).

Align with the highest state....

...most importantly, don't make a big deal about any of it.

Be at your best by being your best, NOT trying to convince (yourself or others) that you're at your best.

Let judgment come, as it does, in whomever it arises, in whatever form(s) that it manifests.

Let be what cannot be controlled.

Focus on being "here" (the state described above), and make this, and every future moment, ONLY about that!