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RE: Trying to make some money

in #help10 months ago

Hi @busylion. It has been quite a while since we spoke. This site sounds like a scam to not disclose upfront the requirements for payout.

And I don't think you will get others to come along with this as they now know they need to bring 30 people to that site before they can get paid for watching the videos.

Did you search the site thoroughly and ask questions before signing up to this site?

Good luck.


very good points and questions. No I did not check it out much before signing up because I was drawn in by the page I saw on a traffic exchange. I need money of course and I thought I found an easy way to make some there until I went to put my paypal email in for payment. Now, since it only said to get 30 people to signup I figure those 30 don't have to do anything really for me to qualify so as long as they are signed up I should be able to request my money earned. Then I'll find out if it's a scam or what I guess. - DON'T SIGN UP FOR THIS THING!