With a little help from my friends - Take five minutes and save my friends life in Mexico ⭐️

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My dear hive friends,

you know I would not ask for help, if it wouldn't be serious - and I only do it for very good friends that I care about a lot!

So here is the story: Marcú is an important friend of my family in Mexico, who is living in Tequesquitengo, near Mexico City.

I got to know him during my very first year abroad 11 years ago, because he is one of the best friends of my aunt - he is offering ultra-light flights.

Every time when we went to see him, he took me on a flight with him, which was very generous and awesome! Here you can see a video of the departure and flying over the lake of Tequesquitengo:

A few years ago, I wrote about one of the experiences they are offering:


His house is always open to everyone - it doesn´t matter if humans or animals (he has a lot of dogs) - the whole family is super nice and welcoming all the time! So when I heard he is in an urgent need of help - for me there was no question about helping him in any way I could.

This is the reason why I am writing to all of you today! I'll support him to raise the money for the treatment of his illness ASAP.

Marcú needs to fight a Tumor!

We urgently need to collect funds for chemotherapy and radiotherapy to defeat this tumor. So Marcú will be able to fly again!

What is it about?

The outcome of this post and every collection directly made on The donation page will allow Marcú to attend quickly to the necessary treatment since he does not have the time to schedule his cure in the social security system - It is not working and helping him in any way...

The precise diagnosis of the type of tumor, that he is facing in the lower back and that is attacking the spine is "Lymphoma".

This condition is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Generally the doctors said that there is a good response to this treatment. But it is very expensive. - So please help us raising a large crowdfunding with everybody's help!

How will this money be used?

The funds will be used to pay for studies, clinical analyses, urological treatment, and chemotherapy/radiotherapy; but also transfers to Mexico City, pain medication, and any other necessary therapy. The challenge is to gather as much as possible.

With your contribution we can make it happen!

Here a few documents for transparency, trust and verification:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-16 um 21.15.03.png

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-16 um 21.15.12.png

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-16 um 21.15.23.png

About the promoter listed on the donor page

The promoter is my aunt Birgid. She has known Marcú since the pioneering days of sport ultralight flying in Mexico. Marcú, another pilot named Luis, and another taught her to fly. They lived through many stories and adventures, and he and his family are like family to us. The idea is to do what is necessary so that Marcú can get rid of this bad trip - We want him to fly again, soon. Everyone involved thank you with all the heart.

How can you help?

Please help to get him his treatment! - He surely deserves to have a chance <3

  1. It's easy to vote on this post to support him. The whole payout will be sent by me personally to the donor page. And of course, I will post further about it to verify the donations (that payout I will also donate).

  2. Just go directly to the donation page and send funds with Credit Card or Paypal: https://donadora.org/campanas/marcu-combate-tumor

  3. Community Power: Spread the word, repost this post and ask your friends to help as well.

So please take five minutes and change his life - even if it is not a lot. If we get enough people to give a little part, it will be enough and he has a chance to survive.

Let's show the power of the Hive community and send Marcú some love :)

He and his family will be very happy, if you do so:


Thanks a lot and big hugs! <3



Very kind of you Liz, I hope your fried will be ok. Let´s show him the power of our community :)

@tipu curate

Thanks, @phortun :) Friends are like family. I know he would do the same for me :) Yes-let´s show the heart and soul of the Hive :)

Let's show Marcu the power of our community! 😎💪🍀🐰

yes! We can do it :) - Thanks for your support!

You can always count on me. 🤩😗

Let's help your good friend! I hope the best for Marcu, and I send him a lot of bright light!

Thanks a lot @belug - we really appreciate your support and kind words :)

Upvoted at 100% and shared …

Hopefully it will get out of that situation soon

Yes, let´s do our best so he can come out of this shitty situation asap!

Glad to see the community gathering around to help.

That is in fact truely awesome!

Done, on your next post please use the VYB tag. Then my vote will mean more for him ♥️ I hope your friend is well soon!


Hey there @wrestlingdesires - thanks for the support and the advice. I've just added the VYB tag. :)

Glad to hear it :) How is he doing?

Well, he is motivated (mentally good), but physically not that good, and we don't have by far the money raised yet, that he needs..

Maybe see if some of the big names might be willing to help :( ? It might be a good idea if he makes an account too 😥


hope for the best for him!

Thanks @waybeyondpadthai - we will do our very best :)

Prayers for him to receive the treatment and healing he needs. I love Mexico City! What a fun name for the town he lives in. I used to live in Toluca and spent many days in Mexico City.

Thanks @apanamamama :) - yes. Tequesquitengo is on the way from Mexico City to Acapulco. Maybe you have passed the sign one day, cause it si not that far away. It is a beautiful place right next to a lake :)

Ah, that sounds like a nice place! Interesting that it is on the way to Acapulco. I have been there a few times, so maybe I did pass it at one point.

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I'm sorry to read this. I wish him and his family the best. Hope it all works out 🙏

Thanks for your support and kind words @adetorrent - we will try our best

GODBLESS you and your family .

very cool and extreme =)

Yes, @andrianna :) - Thanks for stopping by

I our prayers my friend and let's hope that he will recover well.

Hey there my friend @papilloncharity :) Thanks for your support! :)

Greetings to you milady and only a pleasure :)

Prayers for him his family/friends and the teams of doctors, nurses and caretakers.

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Thanks for sharing it @poshtoken

I hope that soon the goal can be achieved, that the doors will be opened for his full recovery.

Thanks for the support @jhoanbolivar19 :) Depends on each and every one of us :) - if we can activate enough people to help, he will be able to do so. - So lets spread the word and show some love :)

Helping each other is the only way to show real love .
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chemotherapy check it out.

@carlsdale thanks for your advice. I will check it out.

Ok great i hope it works

May your friend recover soon. We are with you, let's fight it together.

Thanks @r-nyn :) We are happy for every support we can get :)

Rehived and I have sent a little donation via Hive :-)

Thanks @lichtblick for your support. I will add the 20 Hive, when I send the payout of this post to the donation platform :)

Get we Marcu.
Prayers are with you

Thanks @trojan1 :)

My pleasure to assist the little way I can

I hope he gets well asap. I sent a little donation to help with the fundraising, it's not much but it's as far as I can go at the moment please.

The world needs more of people like Marcy. I wish him quick recovery.

Well-done for what you're doing for the family.

Thanks a lot @emjoe! I will add it to the fund once the payout of this post is done and then I send it all together :)

That will be nice.

Stay awesome

Quick recovery Marcu!

Upped and Reposted for more visibility.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Marcu! You are such a good friend for helping like this! God bless you too @liznomadsoul

Thanks a lot @dswigle for your support and your kind words! :)

I will try to send more. xo I hope our prayers reach him.

I wish him the best and hopefully he will fight and win against the disease, you are such a kind person for spreading the news about his struggle!

I can't help much but I reblogged it

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Wow nice photos.Unfortunately, lighting equipment is expensive in my country

Good luck with the fundraising. You got my vote

@lizanomadsoul Wooow, siempre he querido hacer un vuelo como ese, Felicitaciones!

Gracias @jhelbich - a lo mejor le puedes ayudar a mi amigo tbn.